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Messenger Rat

Just a little quicky mixed media piece, 8 x 8 or thereabouts, of one of the winged messenger rats from my comic Digger. I always liked these little guys, and wanted to do more with 'em in color, but since it's a black and white, you do what you can.

He'll probably be going to Anthrocon for the art show unless somebody wants to pay the pre-con price for the little guy. Prints are available for $10 plus shipping, send a note or visit [link] for details.
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Could you make a drawing to be used in my youtube canal?
I'm from Brazil and the name of canal is "Bastard Rat"!
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Oh WHOA, you're the person who drew Digger?!
pinkypunk666's avatar
awww...!!!^^ sweet!
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Faved and featured [link]
CissyOriginals's avatar
i always imagine myself a flying rat ...
So cute! I love it!
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AWWW! I used to have rat that looked a lot like the little guy... minus the wings... damn. Its really good :]
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aww so cute
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Have you ever watched Avatar - The Last Airbender? It's an anime series that likes to mix and match animals like you do. If you haven't seen it I bet you would get a kick out of it. I love your work! =)
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What a little darling! Thanks for sharing!
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aw how cute!
reminds me of the pigeon rat from the simpsons lol, urs is a nicer version
Strange-Emily's avatar
aaawww! that's amazing!
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I believe I already commented on this...But I'm thinking about getting a tattoo similiar to this picture -- I want to get it done in memory of my rat, Baby. The colors would be different though, but she was a hooded monk :) Also, just wanted to get your permission on basing the tattoo off of your lovely creation :)
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rats , rats , everywhere .
lalalalala and la !

very good ! ; *
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very cool character desing. pretty sweet one:)
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Wow! that is definitly creative! never heard of a messenger rat before... very cool! I'll have to see youc comic sometime! ^^
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How beautiful! Awww! I have had lots of angel ratties like him *G*
CarnivalChild's avatar
I loved those guys. I want one so bad.
TheUntraceablePsyche's avatar
OMG! I want one! Do you know where I can get one.
music-and-words's avatar
Aww I want one ! It's cute. Better than a pidgeon or an Owl that's for sure :D And cuter
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Awww, looks like my old rat Kaos. Sans the wings, of course :D Awesome pic!!!
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