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Mask Creatures II

I have no idea what they look like under those masks. (Maybe they don't either, hence the question marks...)

3 x 7.5 or so, mixed media--pencil, colored pencil, and conte crayon--on brown paper. Original is for sale, drop a line or send a note.
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Windy-Chicken's avatar
I like them. They are good.
crimsonkitsune's avatar
This is so awesome in its simplicity. I love the little hats!

And I think beneath the masks, they have no faces. ^.^;
Sugar-Bielbog's avatar
Ooh, very mysterious.
LechuguitaReverde's avatar
these could be worms lol
Marilyse's avatar
They remind me of seagulls, maybe... very elegant seagulls.
What I like about this picture is that the two creatures don't seem to recognize each other- perhaps the notion that they can only express themselves through hats and not their faces?
Charishawk's avatar
Maybe they are earthworms who were sad at their lack of nose?

I love this. :)
ayuICHI's avatar
Haha, fantastic. :D
Sehvrin's avatar
They look so funny :giggle:
Symbi0sis's avatar
So very cute. I'm enjoying this mask theme very much.
NibbleKat's avatar
Oh, I love their little hats. Great symmetry here.
Ghelenestenar's avatar
They look like fingers.
HanksBeanieHat's avatar
Like a few others who have said it....Spy Vs Spy comes to mind.
animefreak120's avatar
I like the idea about the question marks on their hats.
spacegirl42's avatar
these guys remind me of "Spy vs. Spy" haha
sheepysaccount's avatar
I am thinking gophers with really big front teeth...
Vanshira's avatar
I'm picturing kiwis. Bald kiwis.
svenmarie's avatar
I love the question marks and that they wear them in their hats.
Madmystyk's avatar
they look like the masks under the masks. you can tell, maybe thats why the question marks...because they dont know why they wear the masks.
frezak's avatar
They just look so much darker with them hats.
Flying-seacow's avatar
I think the look like geese
Fiffill's avatar
I bet they look like this.

thepeer's avatar
I expect them to look exactly like the masks. Horror beneath horror.
maplesugarwhale's avatar
Under the masks, they are fingers :D
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