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Mask Creature

Random drawing of a random creature...and now you know as much as I do.

Approximately 4 x 7, graphite and colored pencil on brown paper. Original for sale, drop a line or send a note for price and availability.
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This artwork was featured in my group, Creatures of Time:creatures-of-time.deviantart.c…
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aww it's cute ♥
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Creepy but fantastic :D
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You have been featured here: [link]

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I know people say it looks like a cubone and stuff, but does it remind anyone else of No-face from Spirited Away? :shrug:
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it's so simple, and yet it's sort of creepy and cute and disturbing and alluring all at the same time. i love it!
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In the most flattering way possible....this is strange. :)
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Hmm having a hard time deciding whether this guy is cute or creepy.

Let's go with crute :D
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your mind is interesting ^^
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Is this the kind of tiny creature that lives in a cave because he scares everyone but is oh so gentle and nice?
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Until it gets hungry. But all it will want is your hair and finger-nails. (Maybe toe-nails, and no nail polish please.)
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There's just something strangely fascinating about it. I can't look at it without tilting my head to the side.
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Random creatures look good with masks. Just look at Cubone for example. ;)

Cool little guy.
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I feel like I should ask it for medicine and some poison.
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Its so well done and cute! :heart:
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I get the strange feeling that he has no face underneath that mask.
Love it, as always. can do no wrong in my book. Although that doesn't count for much 'cos nobody reads my book! :lmao:
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I imagine this as an otter with a beak that walks on 2 legs, and is very, very skinny. It reminds me of myself in a way because it also seems awkward.
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That....just made my day. Thank you.
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