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It's a truism of art that if you're depressed and nothing's quite flowing right, you can never go wrong painting naked women. Presumably the same thing applies to naked anthro-jungle-cat-women. Today was a rough day creatively, but this came out pretty well, all things considered.
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i love your depictions of cats. margays are like little bite-sized leopards, arfen't they? awwwh.
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pretty darn good if your muse wasn't liking you.
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A lovely piece, especially if you were under the torturous state of artist's block. Ocelots are one of my favorite animals and this piece just sums the whole exotic cat theme up beautifully. Great work! I'd love to see this colored some day. :D
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do you actually paint those black lines or do you pencil draw the art, ink it with a pen and paint over that? I cant help but wonder.
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Well, it's digital, so...neither, really. I just scribble black, scribble white, and scribble smaller and smaller until there it is.
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wow I have to say you are so talented... I love your stuff. :)
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5-4Hobbyist Digital Artist
i'd like ta get stuck in a tree with her*rawr* nice work

if ya cant stand tha heat....then BURN YOU FOOL BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA
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I love anthro-art where the animal is realistic-looking. This one is really nice. well done! :) (Smile) (in fact all your art is amazing, taking a look...wow.)
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"...you can never go wrong painting naked women. Presumably the same thing applies to naked anthro-jungle-cat-women."LOL
I think it is even more effective, in fact ^.^ Go figure XD

This is one of my favourites of your series (mine *fav* still remains to be the two tigers), it's very pretty, and a little exotic, and generally pleasing to look at. The composition is particularly nice, and I really like her perching pose, and a sort of sly look of interest in her eyes...I really like how "native" you've made her (not to mention the others in your series) look. She looks, I think, like what a real lycanthropic, or were-leopardess would look like if they existed (I'm still holding out hope that they do :P (Lick) )

And even though she is almost entirely nude, it isn't offensive or anything like that; the branch doesn't look like it was simply thrown in awkwardly to block things, yet it still hides the most..controversial bits, and looks nice. The only thing I'd suggest is that the lower curve that shows the breasts still looks a little too...linear compared to the softness of the rest of her. See if making them more obviously furred improves things, I think you'll find that it does ^-^ Very nice picture, I look forward to more in this streak XD
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smartmonkeeeProfessional Digital Artist
as all your art is wonderous to view.... and this one is no exception. you have a way of giving such fabulous expressions on the face's of your subjects.
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iadinaplusProfessional Digital Artist
I Always love your work. this one is way too good. +fav
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katarina Traditional Artist
The world *needs* more naked margays, dangit! Kudos ;) (Wink)
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dilloProfessional Traditional Artist
Clap Beautiful! Are we having an artistic phase? *pokes your nose*

I think it's awesome that you don't realize she's anthro until you look closely. Very, very nice.
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egypturnashProfessional Digital Artist
More B&W digi-scratchboard? It's time to face facts, Ursula. You're an addict. You've got a monkey on your back and it's name is 'chiaroscuro'!

Looks good, though.
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I like her laid back pose. Good job in making even animals look seductive. :) (Smile)
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!!! *Claps* -Great- picture!! I like the pose and the tree details and just everything overall looks great.
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Extremely well done! Great job on the face and tree. I love the tail the most though =P (Razz)
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