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Mannekin sketch

Another doodle of the little mannekin figure...this one was on pastel paper. I like the color, but the texture's too aggressive--maybe if I work on the backside of the paper, where it's not quite as stark.

9 x 12, for sale...uh...$40?
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That texture does look pretty aggressive, but I think it worked quite well for this picture. :)
you still have him!!!!
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For some reason, this reminds me of the story you wrote about the golem-lady that eventually found herself in the House of Red Fireflies. Something about the poses allows me to think that the mannekin is answering a question the bunny is asking, or pushed the tree over for its benefit (even though the tree itself looks like it's been like that for awhile).
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I love the tree branch thing and the mushrooms! Lovely texture.
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Chiming in with the using the backside of that paper. It looks like Canson, maybe? Fabriano has a less obtrusive pattern, if I recall correctly.
The color of the rabbit and mannekin both ahve a very pure feel against tthe background and texture.
It reminds me of your older work: The Golem Girl, from your "House of the Red Fireflies" series. Stumbling across that series is how I became a fan of your work ;)
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Kind of makes me think of Rice Boy, for some reason?
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This looks like something Digger might encounter in her travels!

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I feel like the texture adds a bit more of an earthy depth to the picture, somewhat reminiscient to the self-made manicans I had to make in art class out of mache and wood.
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The bunnykin is adorable =)
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I love that he has thumbs.
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he's really cute. fits your style well... but is he fleeing or playing with the bunny? lol.
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It's so strange looking, but fun and awesome at the same time. I see what you mean about the texture.
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I like the swirlies. And he sort of has horse feet.
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Looks liek a weird sort of fertility picture.
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very nice work
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The rabbit and human figure sparked the thought that everything in this world is a mannequin, an unformed idea or being waiting for a chance at life in the 'real' world.

Oh, and I love the mushrooms. One wonders, what are they dreaming while asleep in their little mound of leaf mold? :D
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This kind of reminds me of Tool's music video for Prison Sex. Yes, weird song title, but if you ever watch the video (it's on youtube), there's a creepy little white doll figure and that's of what this makes me think.

The swirl on the little bunny creature seems kinda mystical and cute, but on the little manequin, it sort of makes me think of a swirl of heavily gelled hair XD
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That looks like the paper I also rather use the backside of. For linework it's too rough, but for just colors this side works wonderfully. I also like how the white turned out because of this.
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I know what you mean about the texture. But it's still a lovely image.

The bunny rules. :D
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