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Fooling around with...something or other. I don't know. Sorta feel like it's going somewhere, but I'm not sure where yet.
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I adore the rounded thighs.
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Maybe a homonculus or golem type story?
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The ears are adorable, and I love the little swirls.
catchaotica's avatar
Looks like the little white guy was thinking the same thing about it going somewhere, but even he isn't sure. :)
mygreymatter's avatar
Seems like it doesn't really know either. A great picture of what we all, or most of us, face at some point of other in life.
DancingDragon's avatar
Reminds me a bit of your Golem Girl...
hope it dose.
it's kind of nice.

hands are strange.
but i like it.
bear48's avatar
very expressive
ChristyMoss's avatar
looks like its going somewhere... liking it so far.
ashigaru's avatar
I half-expect "him"("her"?) to be looking down at one of your winged phalloi, as it's sitting up and begging.
marggarg's avatar
The proportions are very interesting. The feet remind me of the golem girl.
animefreak120's avatar
It looks really good!
secv's avatar
Where's it going? Scraps! Hi-oh!

But not really, looks like it'll become something extraordinary in the end! Please continue!
Chibidrow's avatar
Oh I sense that there will be an interesting story behind this, and I can't wait to read it!
diablo627's avatar
As it is, it reminds me of the dude from FMA. You know the one who stands infront of the door of truth.........
LordMagnum's avatar
keep it going :)
Magharabi's avatar
"Now who's gonna clean *this* mess? They're not gonna peg it on me, that's for sure..."

I rather like how indignant the figure looks. Can't wait to see where you go with this! ^_^
arkher's avatar
Obviously not going to the bathroom as it has no genitals. XD Nice job.
dani-carip's avatar
Wow...loving the true black, it really feels like a void :D
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