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Mammoth Garlic

While closely related to elephant garlic, mammoth garlic is shaggier and has much more dramatic tusks, making its home in the far north. A typical herd is led by a garlic matriarch and contains a number of adult females and their young cloves. While female garlic remains with the herd, juvenile males will eventually leave to join the loose bachelor herds of garlic bulls.

Look, I visited my parents last weekend, and somebody gave me brandy. I cannot be held responsible for what happens after that. And as long as nobody asks about the sketches of bighorn pears, or god forbid, the lemonlopes, we'll all be okay.

This is acrylic, 12 x 24, on this snazzy cradled gessoboard that I really, really like, but which is quite expensive, but then doesn't need to be framed, so not all that expensive in the long run. But I'm cheap. Anyway. The original is for sale, still noodling around figuring out how to do good prints in this format, though.
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A univers where plants rule the world
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This makes me so happy! I love it!
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Garlic powder is my C O C A I N E
mm i love   G   A   R   L   I   C
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I think this was the first picture of yours I ever saw (over on Elfwood - that was a while ago). I pretty much love everything you do. I think the baby garlic next to the mama is cute. The background is well done.
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XD this is hilarious fun and beautiful. Love the greys colors and all the detail in the landscape!
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I never knew I needed this in my life
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I think this is one of my absolute favourites from you, always makes me smile. Thank you.
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One can never have enough garlic. Even when you have too much garlic, it is never enough.
even if you die from too much garlic, you need more garlic
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What's logic? i don't know. Do you know? You don't know.
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It takes a very special imagination to be able to see such interesting things in simple fruits/vegetables and such. I really love surrealism. :)
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Health guards, at least!! Magic!!
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Let me join you majestic creatures! Take me with you on your Ice Age journey.
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Hah, this is great.
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Keep one as a pet and you'll never have to worry about vampires again. The smell would repel every bloodsucker for miles around. 

Got an idea for another fruit critter: the puffer durian. No sea predator would dare try to eat one:
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how would you ever think of this hahaha
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