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Magnolia Warbler by ursulav Magnolia Warbler by ursulav
Magnolia warblers don't actually like magnolia trees very much. They like pine trees. They're called magnolia warblers because once upon a time, one alighted on a magnolia tree, probably while looking around for a nice pine, and at that moment, was "collected" for the first time, which probably means that somebody shot it.

Amateur but enthusiastic birder that I am, I saw a magnolia warbler for the first time in Tennessee a week ago. I did not shoot it. I did, however, portray it with magnolias, because let's face it, magnolia is way more fun to paint than pine. Damnit, Jim, I'm an artist, not a biologist!

Warblers at the moment--it's early fall--are getting out of breeding plumage, in what's known as the "confusing fall warbler" stage, when they assume a kind of motheaten transvestite look. So the specimen I saw was significantly drabber than this, but I took some liberties.

I had wanted to draw one, to celebrate seeing it, and then I had this wild urge to do some sort of collage, we are. I get collage urges once in a blue moon, and I fear them, because collage, like good abstract art, is really hard to do well and apallingly easy to do badly. And this is what came out. The reciept was just lying around, the newspaper clipping is about two comedians crashing an auction of Hitler's watercolors. Anyone who wants to find deep symbolism in that is welcome to try, provided they bring enough for the whole class.

The text at the bottom right is the scientific name. At the bottom left, it says "Birder? I hardly know 'er!" because I have a very sophmoric sense of humor.

Original is 10 x 15, acrylic ink, gel, colored pencil and "found objects" (i.e. random stuff I ripped up and glued to it.) It is for sale! Send a note or visit [link] for details. Prints are also available, for $10 and $20 plus shipping. Send a note or visit [link] for details!
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KanchanMahon Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2016   Traditional Artist
Such a lovely collage!
animalsketchsisfun Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015  Hobbyist
this is beautiful
OrangeNinja1987 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I love it. The style is just beautiful. The ink blotches and the bird really stand out but nothing is overlooked. It all combines to create something really amazing.
Robert-of-Sherwood Featured By Owner May 23, 2014

Your little bird reduces the building and ownership of the 'Empire State Building', or a stay at The Ritz, to an absurdity. It threatens by it’s very existence: steelworks, power stations, electricity pylons, railways lines, the oil extraction industry and the assembly line (any color you want, providing its black) with unfair competition and extinction.


Even worse, as if things were not bad enough, it is a reminder of when fools such as we, pretend to be nature lovers by calling our own feathered nests;  Hillview, The Woodlands, Mountain View, The Ranch, Rose Cottage, Treetops, Oaklands, The Laurels, and The Pines.


All we learn from nature is Mr Mrs Magnolia Warbler, Sparrow, Robin and Wren, hide from man's progress towards destruction in bramble bushes and thorn trees.  And when they congregate to whistle and sing the earths praises, they are the real owners of the Planet Earth, and we are the “best to be ignored by them” tenants.     
alphabetsoup314 Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*puts on the pseudo-intellectual hipster glasses*

Flowers never last, eventually withering and dying. Beauty is not constant. The black specks at the upper right tarnish what would otherwise be a warm golden painting, symbolizing that death is always hanging around the corner, ready to plague you. 

The sheer pointlessness of life is punctuated with the receipt - "Only two things in life are certain - death and taxes." Again, youth and beauty are fleeting, but you'll always have to make a living. A cruel, pointless, existence, being a slave to money. 

The article and the joke in the corner serve to illustrate the absurdity of life. 

And there is a touch of irony in here, in that the magnolia warbler, which doesn't actually live in magnolia trees, is depicted in one. 

*takes a sip of wine while looking smug and pretentious*

I totally made all that up. Silliness aside, I love the way the collage pieces add texture and interest in the background, without being intrusive. The magnolias, even though the bird has nothing to do with them, add a bit of colour to a piece that is otherwise monotonous and a bit dark. 
Brin-Chan Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
I've added this to the favorites folder at my group InspiredCreators
KanchanMahon Featured By Owner May 8, 2011   Traditional Artist
This is lovely, perhaps you'd like to join my group? :iconalteredmixedcollages: AlteredMixedCollages
Freakuha Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I love the colors you used. :)
jessicagorawr Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010
so beautiful.
Wilpan Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2009
really awesome
TaraLB Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2009   Photographer
I am in awe
mariahager Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2008
nj-elvin Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2008
wow i really like it!
echo5001 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2008
This is just beautiful! Great Work!
erikakochanski Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2008  Professional Writer
:heart: Your stunning deviation has been featured in The World Of Art - No. 11.
Chebi Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2008
featured [link]
sweetypie-die Featured By Owner May 28, 2008
I understand your reservations about collage but I must admit that you've definitely done well with this one.
Rujin85 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2008
it's so cute!
Genki-Chu-Hi Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
aah!! it's so beautiful! love the magnolias!!! ^^
ShojiHERO Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2008   Digital Artist
Ohwow, this is really great. :3

Have you ever thought of sellingthis as a print? :>

it's really great, however, the angle of the blossoms as opposed to the angle of the bird is kinda odd. I mean, I only saw that because I was looking for a critical area, and to be honest, that's the only one I found. * 3*

PS, is that a drycleaning receipt?


ricey Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Wow, very cool piece. A much more complex color composition than your usual pieces, and just visually stunning!
gracelikerain316 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2007
very pretty, and i loved the commentary too. :)
Woolfred Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2007
Yes.. You are an artist, and the great one. Beautiful pic, and very interesting concept :)
RattyCat Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Its beautifull. Nice work.
redmoon-mistress Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really adore the softness. Very beautiful.
shadowcat20x Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I truly truly adore this. Your art is unlike anything else. I wish I had the money to buy it all! :+fav:
alarys Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2007
All the pictures flow together. Very nice collage!
RepublicofDesire Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good work and a varied set of styles and subjects. Congrats.
rei-shell Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2007
:aww: oh wow! :heart:
ScottishRose Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2007
:heart: love the colours and the flowers. The warbler has so much detail. Adding the scrap paper gives it some more depth. It's great!
blackthornart Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2007
wow! i really like the background, and the flower's :D
Paleos Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2007
Adorable little birdie! I'm with you, they may not like Magnolias but I'll be damned if they didn't land on em' once in a while.
mitchellnelson Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2006  Professional General Artist
Wow very nice I love this. Very nice use of colour. Great work.
StuffedSilence Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2006
So like... the males try to be females :O
The nature is so strange XD
Well anyway, great work on this one
I saw your gallery and this peace must be my favourite. Really eye catching ;)
Keep up the great work *thumbs up*
JoannaBromley Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
A gorgeous composition! :nod:
Waterish Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
I would pick out certain things to praise, but instead ill just praise it all cos it rocks! Lovely colours, contrast, mix of styles, use of splattyness and paper, etc.

Overall, yummy!
WaddlyPenguin Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2006
this is beautiful! lovely idea
Amandiar Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2006
This is really beautiful. I love your colors, and the collaging.
dragonsketcher85 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
absolutly beautiful.... i don't know what else to say.... just wow!!!!
you should make a print of this
ursulav Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2006
All of my work can be purchased in print form through me, but I don't sell through DA. You can send a note if you're interested!
Dehoot Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2006
Oh it's beautiful! The detail on the warbler, and of course, Magnolia's rule (even if the birds don't like' em) and the background especially gets to me. The colorful splatter of a puny bird...yet so adorable.
nishanoire Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2006
This one has a whole different feel than your other works. There's something about the harsher lines. It dramatic, but calm at the same time. It's very very wonderful.
Dreamtraveller Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2006  Professional General Artist
Your work is amazingly creative, I always love seeing your deviations.
Being the dork that I am, I was happy to see you quote Treasure Planet.
Hiro-Ryusei Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2006  Professional General Artist
birder >_< you are awesome. Great Autumn color tone and believe it or not you pulled off the collage like a master, like Rauschenberg, except more simplified but with the confusingly political conundrums still in place, albeit inadvertently and with much hilarity. Unfortunately, I didn't bring enough symbolic analysis, so I will just keep it to myself and chew it after class.
Lluhnij Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2006  Professional General Artist
This is not a great comment I know, but: you diid a good work, to me.
senoritafish Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2006
Every time I look at/read your gallery, I start giggling like a madwoman. My family is considering committing me.

Well, not from this artwork. Of course not.

Heh. :D
MEliaLily Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2006
I love the colors...the whole thing comes together wonderfully...:D
mellow-osity Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2006
Wow, this is totally different from your norm and I totally love it! I'm a fan of collages.
12monthsOFwinter Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2006
It has a very 'Asian' feel to it yet it's still distinct...lovely!:)
Astrastella Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2006
gah this is amazingg, i think my favorite, wow i loveeee it, and i have no idea why it is so powerful, but its... amazinggg
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