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Madonna And Egg

I was goin' for that Byzantine religious icon look--the gold, the flatness, the halos...Don't ask me to explain how I thought of this, because it's even weirder and more disjointed than the usual, and involved the phrase "rubber chicken stigmata." I also urge people not to bother being religiously offended, because c'mon, it's art, and stuff like that only encourages us. Honestly, though, this is really less of a statement about religion and more of an homage to that one style of religious art--the metallic, gold-leaf heavy visuals of the religious icons were what I was really thinking about, not stickin' it to Christianity with a chicken. this was a religious statement, I dunno what the heck it would be. Possibly "I like chickens," and that's never going to go down in history next to Martin Luther's 95 whatsits. I always feel obligated to say this, because people inevitably see a scathing critique of something or other, and I'm left going ", I was just kinda thinking "Dude! Chickens!" and that's sort of embarassing for both parties.

Anyway! This is a bad scan. It is, however, the best scan that one can hope for of something that it comprised almost entirely of metallic paints. I have used almost enough iridescent gold to make the tube dimple slightly! I should do a whole series of chicken icons and maybe I'd be able to use the whole tube before I die! But anyway, it's a way more impressive piece in person, what with the flat metallic look, and the halos are copper with gold metallic lines and whatnot, but this is pretty close, and some things just plain don't work anywhere but in person.

Original 12 x 16 acrylic on clayboard for sale! Prints available, although they're not as cool as the original, because of the metallic thing. Visit [link] or drop a note for details!
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I saw this in a dream

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The Headless Chicken approves.



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I love this!  Of course, I'll mention Paul Simon's "Mother and Child Reunion", which was named after a chicken and egg dish from a Chinese menu.  Then again, as Sigmund Freud once said, "Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar."
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:D LOL but nicely done :)
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Maybe this is where Saint Egg came from.
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Very nice take on the "Madonna and child" - subject.
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That's brilliant! Awesome job
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Animal saints are the best!
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The feathers are very pretty- I love the gold, too. :D
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Which came first? The Chicken, the egg, or the Holy Spirit?
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Obviously it is a sophisticated statement on the circular logic of Christianity, alluding cleverly to the chicken-egg argument.

Dude, chickens! :D
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But which one came first?
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This is just plain awesome... and I find the egg archetype rather fascinating as well, because last time I checked, the egg can be used to symbolize trinity, because it has 3 parts (egg, yolk, shell) but it's still one thing.
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Brilliantly executed.

And funny.
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Egg-straordinary! :D I really like it <3
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I've read your rant quite carefully, but I'd like to drop a few lines as a catholic. I don't feel offended in my religious feelings but this image left me quite... uneasy.

As some people mentioned below, it can reflect mothernal feelings but the title ("Madonna") sugessts it has something to do with the religion, while it doesn't. On the other hand I have no idea what it could be replaced with... In the end I really don't know what to think about it.

As for byzantine look I think it would look flater if there were less details on the feather part of painting. But technically - it's great as it is.
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This is just too awesome for words! XD :+fav:
If I weren't leaning on my desk, I would've fallen out of my chair from laughter. Although if you read too much into the whole chicken/egg thing (which came first) there's a theological treatise right there.

...I'm never gonna look at my roast chicken the same way again, am I?
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I have featured this image in my new journal [link] which has the theme of iconoclasm. I will remove it if you find it's use there offensive. Thank you in either case for sharing your thought provoking image.:)
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