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Lucky Armadillo

A little 4 x 6 for the upcoming FC art show. Lucky armadillo! (Armadillo-chan?) I always loved the Japanese lucky cat statues, but the desire to do it with another critter was irresistable.

Enough people have been asking about this that I'm putting it on e-bay: [link]
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How much for this cutie💕
BeadyEyedGirl's avatar
i would prefer this over a cat anyday!
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Aw, he's so cute!
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So cute! I was they made these.
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Ridiculously adorable. XD
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You are a genius. :3
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I would love a real one of those since I live in Texas and love armadillos >w<
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Weird but well done!
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Armadillos seem to be an ideal holiday replacement for the lucky cat.
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except that dillos carry leprosy...
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I think this one has the kitties beat!
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haha nice idea, i like the kitties better!! :P
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your clever ideas never cease to amuse and inspire me.
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Oh wow!! I love this little one! What a wonderful cross-culture blend. Love it :)

Out of curiosity... what sort of price would you be looking to charge for one similar to this but a lucky kangaroo? (I would love to get one tattooed, and soooo many of your pieces make me itch to ink them!)

Thanks! keep up the brilliant work :)
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Oh man, you should totally put that on Patchtogether.

I would buy one. :D

Amazing work as always!
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I have no words to express how much I love this. Armadillos are my favourite animal, and this is quite possibly the sweetest one to ever exist <3
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