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Lost Sheep

The little sheep was worried. He'd just wanted to get away from the herd for a few minutes, really, just long enough so that he wouldn't have to hear the bellwether tell that story about the time the shepherd's pants fell off AGAIN. A sheep could only take so much.

But then the cave got deeper and darker, and he'd gotten turned around, and now he wasn't sure where he was at all...


More art for Anthrocon! Another quicky in the textural style I was fooling around with a few months back. (At the last con I was at, someone asked for a sad sheep, and I had so much fun drawing it, I had to do another one.)

8 x 10, mixed media (the scribbly bits are done with a dip pen in white and grey acrylic ink, and with colored pencil.) Original SOLD! Prints are available for $10 plus shipping--send a note or visit [link] for details!
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Ueber-cuteness alert ☺☺☺❗
cuuuuuute! I wonder how it feels when night becomes more dark...:-( great job
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Poor little sheep! He's too cute to be lost!
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This is so lovely!
And I love how you drew the textures!
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poor little lost lamb :(
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I really love the texture of the stone and night sky. The fact that the sheep is so lightly textured really makes it stand out. I also love the spiral effect of the stone and the asymmetric feel of the whole piece. Beautifully done.
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aawww.... :'( poor sheep.. i wanna hug ...
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Thats just awesomely cute O_O
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That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! *w*
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Hello Ursula,
I just saw this cute sheep. And I want to ask, whether you would permit me to use it in a digital Art?
I just need the sheep and ofcourse I would link you back and write on the picture that you created
the sheep. And if you like I would send a link to you so that you can have a look at the finished picture. :)

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Aw! It's so fluffy I might die!! :D
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it is so sweet *miep*
i love sheeps *-*
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