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Looking for the Herd

It had been a good plan. Elwood had figured that if he got up high enough, he could see which way the herd had gone, and then it would be easy enough to pick up the track. It's not like a herd of elephant can hide which way it's gone, after all. And it had worked like a charm, too. He could see the herd, about five miles away, all of them wandering around looking for him. Simplicity itself.

It had been a good plan.

The only thing was...he wasn't entirely sure how he was going to get down.


A small and straightforward amusement. 8 x 24 on cradled gessoboard, original for sale, prints available for $10 and $20 plus shipping--send a note or visit [link] for details!
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This reminds me of me!
One of my favourite animals is the elephant, and the name 'Elwood' is perfect for this little chap!
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...'How'd ya get up there, kid?!
charla316's avatar
love elephants

great drawing
saftkeks13's avatar
Omg that is so adorable. I wanna give him a hug, he looks very sad...
Ahaha, d'awwwww. =D
This is one of my favorites.
And the platypus garlic one.
I like the rock alott:)
And the elephants adorable...
ThaOnlyMoonchild's avatar
Oh mai god, this is simply a-do-ra-ble! :heart:
Poor little elephant. =(
I just wonder how he got up there in the first place... :D
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Oh, he's so cute! I want to hug him and tell him it'll be okay, honest.

Awwww. *melty*
LoopyWolf's avatar
Aww this looks so sad =(
MoranArt's avatar
I love elephants and I love your work!
phoenixineohp's avatar
Awwwwwww! That's so cute I'm nearly crying. Oh dear...
JoannaMoory's avatar
These are just too great... Why am I not this good, why.
I love these. And I mean LOVE. I'd buy them all, if I was a millionaire...
Oh, gosh - he'd look great next to Archibald!
el-pizza's avatar

He's too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think my brain's going to explode from how absolutely bloody cute he is 0_0
And so sad :(
Now look what you've made me do :tears:
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PuLmoLL91's avatar
xD great *fAv*
Eviecats's avatar
Great colors =)
PoisonAlchemist's avatar
It is both so cute and so sad.
bloodbytes's avatar
A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E !!! :heart: :rose::kiss::hug:
SoldierToger's avatar
Man, you are CURSED with this knack for CUTENESS. O.o And it's not just the line-art or even concept, the colors just..really bring it out and set the mood. Well done! You are very skilled:D
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wooow! beautifull!! really cute ^^
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