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Little Squash
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Published: October 25, 2005
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Yes. Yes, I have the fangirlitis badly. I am willing to admit that.

I wanted to do something a little more comicky with the Little Squash, but for whatever reason, he didn't seem to have any dialogue. Normally when I do something in that vein, getting the characters to shut up is the hard part, but Squash was firmly mute. I have no idea where I first saw the pictograph dialogue thing--probably from anime, everything else seems to be!--but somehow that seemed to fit. Little Squash did not want to talk, but the rebus was okay.

Here's he's chiding a plant. I suspect he's telling the plant to grow, but one could read any sort of interpretation into the exclamatory pumpkin, or none at all. The framing of the piece in white, and the title seemed like part of the image, so instead of cropping it, I left those bits on.

Anyway! 9 x 10.5, mixed media on hotpress watercolor paper, and the original is for sale, because I suspect if I keep all my squash art, I'll run out of room rapidly. Prints are also available for $10 plus shipping, drop a note or visit [link] to order.
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ZOMG!!!!:zombie: I thought I was the only person who used inanimate objects as a form of speech!!!! I'm not ALONE ANYMORE!!!!!!! XD
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Actually, upon first seeing it, I got an impression of surprise and disgust from him, as though he just noticed this plant and isn't at all happy that it is what it is. Perhaps he wasn't expecting this sort of plant, perhaps he doesn't want a plant here and ';PUMPKINS!' is just what he comes out with when he's vexed.
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DangerousRadical|Hobbyist General Artist
The first words that spring to mind were "You know you DO turn into a pumpkin after midnight, don't you?!"

Like a parent to a child out late, I suspect. I don't know, the second I saw the pumpkin is the second I thought "carriage, horses, stroke of midnight". My mind tends to work in pictograms rather than words somewhat XD

I'm happy to find folks who do the odd fruit/vegetable-based artworks, I tend to find that myself and fellow fruit herder, Carnival, are usually the only two lurking about on DA. This is just a simple and perfectly adorable artwork just screaming to be framed and put on a wall.

Since we're moving out next month, getting some of your prints might not be a half bad idea for our rather barren new walls ;)

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Aww, too cuteXD I love how miffed he looks even without a face:giggle:
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LimeGreenSquid|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My interpretation was, "A pumpkin?!? But i wanted a girlfriend squash!"

But i guess pumpkins are a kind of squash? I can't remember how that works ...

But he reminds me of another of my pieces: a Watermelon girl named Melony.
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I love your funny drawings^^, this one is cute and funny :+fav:
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Aww!! The little squash is so cute XD
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i love this drawing :D ! Squash always looks so cute...even without eyes and stuff, he's so...expressive... :eyepopping:
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awesome as always :D i love it! (and ur lil descriptions make it that much more great =D)
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fuzziekit|Hobbyist General Artist
Its the littel pumpkin bubble that makes me happy and like it. thank you.
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GalopaWXY|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love it ^^
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It's adorable. XD I mean, it looks so simple (guessing it wasn't, though), but it looks like a classic.
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Lilithx13| Photographer
I think he's wondering what a pumpkin is doing in his field.
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very cute little squash, this one reminds me of a gift card you might send to one, hoping to get a chuckle out of this one. Lovely colors of course!
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simply adorable :-)
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I went to the reniassance festival here in Ohio a couple weekends ago, and there was this big 'war' between the watermelons (all that represented summertime and such) and the pumpkins (fall, of course). Anyway before the festival opened there was a skit and the 'mayoress' was stolen by the pumpkins (because the mayor was a watermelon) and the pumpkins were pirates...

Anyway, the guests at the festivals got scraps of fabric (green or orange) to tie around their wrist or whatever and they were on whichever team. Okay, now the point of me telling you this- all day people were walking around yelling "Pumpkins!!!" Or "Watermelons!!" Or "Death to Pumpkins" Or "Death to Watermelons". I myself happened to be a pumpkin so whenever I saw someone wearing orange I'd yell "PUMPKINS!!!" hehe. It was great fun, and your picture just reminded me of it so much. ^_^

He's on the pumpkin team!
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aww super cute! ^_____^
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I really like this, caught me by surprise it did.

the planet mary and all her woes...
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ziennajames|Hobbyist General Artist
you should use the squash's as wallpaper ;) cute, original, and you have more room for MORE squash... ^^; xD
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carootje|Professional Interface Designer
ghehehe, that's one funny picture :)
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Sweet picture! Gorgeous colours. Perfect :)
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