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Little Brown Sketches 2

More little quick pieces on brown anteater in snow, and the return of Squishy the Neurotransmitter!

Originals are sold.
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gah..will i never get a squishy original?
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I can't even begin to tell you how much I love anteaters.
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The anteater is also awesome. *I found my copy of Nurk under a pile of socks*
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Isn't Squishy getting a little ambitious, carrying two messages at once? Or has he been promoted?
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Yay! Another tiny chapter in the adventures of Squishy!
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I love how they look on the brown! Yay!
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Absolutely beautiful!
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An anteater! I love anteaters :heart:
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That anteater has some pretty nice eyes.
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Oh god.
Those are both so cute.

HE'S SO CUTE. <3<3
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Squishy is the man..? :lmao:
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i love the lightning shading.. very soft and classic.. XD
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Shading effects are amazing.
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Just sent you an e-mail about them. :)
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Holy crap, I got first comment, wow. o.O

Oh, btw, do you want a scan of the awesome snorkelbat? Because I totally have a scan of the awesome snorkelbat. I can hook you up.
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If she doesn't want a scan, *I* do...*grin*
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Your Stoker is a merciful Stoker.

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By the bye, I've been thinking about starting to use my Furaffinity account to house the various sketches and commissions I've gotten from people. Would you mind if I uploaded your snorkelbat?
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Aww, I forgot how much I love Squishy.
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