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Little Brown Sketches

Been wanting to play with brown sketchpaper--I love the way it looks, but all I could find were a pack of 2 x 6 bookmarks. (Three art supply stores, and this was it!) So I ordered a sketchbook on-line, and in the interim, amuse myself with the bookmark sizes.

Originals sold!
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These are so beautiful. More rabbits need wings.
Gymnart's avatar
I like this type of paper too. You did such a great job. I love your work!
katapraktoi's avatar
Winged bunny... never thought about that... it looks cool and in an odd way really cool. What do you usually use for your sketching?
kazaah's avatar
Awwww rabbird!!
Hymenomycotina's avatar
the bee makes me so happy...the chimera freaks me out a little.
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afke11's avatar
I didn't know they'd come in sketchbooks. :o My art shop did have giant rolls of brown paper, they use to wrap other paper in. I bought one of those, I can cut out any size I'd want, it's the closest I could find. Still have to try it out, but I sure do like the look of it too. :]
Flying-seacow's avatar
Aww, the bumblebee is adorable, so fuzzy.
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You know, paper bags are surprisingly effective if you tape them tight to a board and draw with prismacolors on them... :ninja:
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i was gonna say the same thing. The big brown grocery bags have great texture to them!
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Strangly, depending on where you live, Wal*mart might have the brown paper sketch books. I saw them at my local one so I know they sometimes have them. =/

InkyDinkyWho's avatar
Oh I love it, so sweet both of them.
magpie-poet's avatar
I like how you caught the haughty pose of the rabbit and the fuzz on the bee's back.
bootheel's avatar
Ohh, I love the wing'd bunny!
EatToast's avatar
looks great! very cute. :)
TarawynWorldwalker's avatar
Bird-rabbit? Very nice! So pretty!
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