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Lion and Sunflowers

This was pretty much a technique experiment involving a lot of drybrush-kinda work with a large filbert brush. The results obviously aren't as detailed as most of my stuff, but I do kinda like the textures that emerge out of it...and since I went over to fluid acrylics almost exclusively awhile ago, it let me actually use some of the tubes of paint that have been staring accusingly at me from the corner of the studio for a couple of months now.

Where the little lion in the turtleneck came from is anybody's guess....

6 x 24, acrylic on gessoboard, original is for sale, prints available for $10 and $20 plus shipping, send a note or visit [link] for details.
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Cute. I like the humility of the lion here, a stark contrast to the typical "Imma kick yo' ass" imagery lions get stuck with. A great bookmark piece.
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Lovely use of color.
The lion is clearly the sunflower God. After all, sunflowers are the kings of all flowers. :)
LimeGreenSquid's avatar
Hehe, cute. I like how the scarf is the same colour as the stems.
danc1ng1nthera1n's avatar
who is imitating whom?
TheElle's avatar
This would make a wonderful bookmark.
LuvLoz's avatar
He's very cute, I like his expression.
liolli's avatar
heh this reminds me of a visual pun..


nice =D
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Best. Bookmark. EVER!
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This is... so adorable. D: :heart: Love it~~
Kagero-acid's avatar
I think it's quite funny how similar sunflowers and lion looks like :)
Ashmadai's avatar
Oh my-...did he just-...oh my go-... did he just get IMPALED with the sunflower?!
Renaix's avatar
So cute! The texture you use is great!
yugami's avatar
That lion is so adorable!
perkyrusalka's avatar
That's really cute in a surreal kind of way. I'm actually a little creeped out by how the lion in turtleneck is obviously derived from the sunflowers. -that line between cute and creepy is really thin for me, sometimes.
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i love how he's holding his own stem with his paw. did that sound dirty? that sounded dirty. i have no idea how to make that not sound dirty. it isn't dirty though. his big lion head is blooming toward the sun. okay, now everything is sounding dirty...i'll stop. nice pic.
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Awww. This is adorable. Made me smile. :D
Mousewolf's avatar
It's a Dandy-Lion! *is shot for dorkitude*

Heh, great work as usual...
EmoPensel's avatar
cute!! me like:3.......
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So cute! The colors and the idea is just so cute!
Agrafkak's avatar
Sunflower lion - never seen one but now I know how they look like :)
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uh, I like his expression. It is like "Huh? Have you just drawn me?" :)
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The textures are really pretty!
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