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The young lemonlope buck gazed down on the herd in the plains below him. He wasn't ripe enough to challenge the dominant fruit yet...not this year...but one day, the herd would be his.

Acrylic on clayboard, 11 x 14. I promised you lemonlopes! The rocks were a lot of fun--scan bleached out some of the subtler whites in the clouds, but could be a lot worse. The original is for sale, and prints are available! E-mail or visit [link] for details.
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widward202thesecond's avatar
I thought this was a bird at first. lol
Nice art!
suki42deathlake's avatar
Leader of the lemons XD
Mifeng86's avatar
Satanic lemon XD!
TannMann64's avatar
They be traversing the large and immense plains
Slyroccketwolf's avatar
this here

is my spirit animal
Liamsen's avatar
This one is my favourite!
EdgeLordess's avatar
Where do you come up with these ideas?
RoyalDuchessMajesty's avatar
I smell lemonade a' brewin'! Simba lemonlope. Derp 
KalahariMeerkatfan's avatar
Amazing, I hope this little Lemonlope gets his desired wish
Keko-Illustrations's avatar
I love all your fruits :D
weasselK's avatar
First I thought it a cover to the Lemon Demon!)
icedragonchilde's avatar
Aaaahahahaha, that's great. And your comments are great too.
Edarneor's avatar
Hey, that's funny cause i had an idea about lemons too! [link]
Nice one! :)
petrova's avatar
Hi, this have been featured in this news article: [link] :heart:
Don't forget to :+fav: the article in the upper left corner so more can see it :hug:
TheLastUnknown's avatar
I love your descriptions that you make with th picture :) it adds to the awesomeness ;)
SwampLogger15's avatar
OMG! That is so cute and awesome and funny and adorable and creative and just AWESOME! :excited: I love this! I'm looking in your gallery right now and I see some awesome weird fruit! Definately going to check out more of them! :excited:
13Potatoes's avatar
I wonder what kind of predators would hunt them :lol:
OmniSentinel's avatar
I had one of those once, tasted gamey.
Kairu-Hakubi's avatar
I just saw a corn pops commercial that seems to have ripped this off a bit ;0
ToiletMan104's avatar
Weird fruit is adorable, but what makes it even better is when you have cute little stories about them.

"But one day, the herd would be his."

The greatest sentence ever to describe a lemonlope.
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