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Knockkneed Flinx

By ursulav
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The knockkneed flinx is one of those creatures that its friends describe as "a great guy, but not the sharpest knife in the drawer." Good-natured and not terribly bright, the flinx's slowness of wit is more than made up for by its swiftness of foot. When startled by something (alarm calls, scary clouds, its own feet), the flinx can achieve speeds of up to fifty miles an hour, unless it gets distracted and blunders into something. While few predators can outrace the flinx, they can virtually all outwit it, to the point where most self-respecting carnivores consider hunting flinx to be unsportsmanlike. The leading cause of death for flinx therefore continues to be mishaps, like falling off cliffs, running into trees, and sticking their heads in geyers to see where that noise is coming from.

Small herds of these amiable creatures dot the great savannahs, and at dawn and dusk, when the flinx is most active, one can hear their majestic and somewhat baffled calls--"Gronk? Gronk?"--ringing through the twilight.

A random desire to create some weird animals led to the knockkneed flinx. Which gronks. Everything gronks. My husband gronks. If I created the universe, my first words would have been "Let there be gronk!" Anyway, a quick little watercolor/colored pencil, in this 9 x 12 watercolor sketchbook I keep poking at. Original is for sale, drop a line, prints available for $10, visit [link]
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Oh good! I was just looking for something odd for my players to encounter in our game. ^.^ Admittedly, roleplaying is going to hit a stonewall at some point, when they discover that the only intelligible response they can get out of it is "Gronk?", but still!

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any relation to the Snow Flinx in Terraria? :3
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It says Gronk XD thats so cute ^^
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"and sticking their heads in geyers to see where that noise is coming from."

-You owe me a new keyboard.

Meh, should know better than to drink tea while I read your descriptions =P
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Wonderful animal^^ I would love to meet one of those.

Your descriptions are fun to read and your art inspires me. Seriously.

Gronk =)
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I want a knockneed Flinx!
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Haha, I like him. Where could I adopt one?
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Very cute, and veeeery well drawn! :)
Looks a little bit like a saiga...

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Doh! He looks so cute and clumsy =3
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That's brill!
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O.O I must have one. I'd hug it, and kiss, and feed it, and tuck it in goodnight and teach it to not be so stupid. :3 You should so try to make a plushie out of that or something. Why didn't I check out your gallery sooner?!
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coool. gronk should be in the dictionary.
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is this an okapi?
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:rofl: i LOVE this ...
*goes to fav it ..*
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wow, love the ones i've seen so far!
you could make a picture book!
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amazing descriptions to amazing work, your really talented
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aaaaahhhh! I THINK I'M IN LOVE :glomp:

this is like so amazing and yet so simple. you've captured such a great character/personality with only a few lines. i love it!
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Gronk!!! :D Cute.
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Awe, he's cute. This is one where I might actually have to consider a print :)
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awwwww... the flinx is adorable! i want a whole herd of em (i'm guessing it wouldn't hurt to keep spares after all)
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oh this is just darling, i love the expression and the little feet, oh my! i'd love to make a little Flinx character. i think the word gronk is hilarious, my exboyfriend used to make that sound and i always found it hilarious.
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