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Klimt's Octopus

Oof. Okay, lesson learned--whatever woes I may have with the scanning of gold leaf, copper leaf is infinitely worse.

Good to know, if annoying. The reproduction on this one is very poor, and I won't be offering prints of it. Sometimes the medium defeats you, alas...
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Great work, lovely colour you used there. Kudos! :)
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I want to see what it's being shocked at, off to the right... and hear what kind of shocked noise it's making. Is it a "Gronk!?!" a "Sproing!"?
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Octopus!!! cute :) excellent technique
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I love octopi (sp?)!!!!!!! This is pretty sweet. Is the background gold leaf/the tricky area to scan well? That pink color feels very Klimt inspired.
is this your project or sth? because i have a project on Klimt this month and im probably going naked=PP
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I think even though I can't see what the copper leaf was supposed to look like, this piece is still gorgeous anyways. I do wish I could see the original though. D:
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i am sure it looks quite differnt in person but i have to say i rather like the effect that the scanner has given it it loos like a golden marbel
and of corse the octopus is wonderfull
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how about a photograph of it for the colours?
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OLOLOLOLOL an octopus XD I like it, cuz it's so big and pink and so utterly cute looking at meh xD
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so very cool
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I was wondering what was up with the background.. Very neat texture, but to find out it's copper! I bet it's stunning in real life. Such a shame what scanners do to artists.

Cute octopus, I'd love to see more from you. I'm so glad you are back and submitting art again. I missed your wonderful touch of whimsy in my life.
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I've worked with copper leaf before, so I'm imagining it the way you wanted it to look <3
Janaina's avatar
haha go do it by hand with gold! xP
Pubine's avatar
i like the octopus itself and -suprisingly- also the pink but the two colours don't go well together so it's somehow unpleasant for my eyes.. :)
beckyg's avatar
Love the texture.
DisruptiveUnlimited's avatar
You are one of the few artists I watch that should never second guess their own genius. Great work. Like everything else in your gallery, great, great work...
Shadowwolf's avatar
TEEHEE octopi :3 what a cutie.
Goblineye's avatar
You can't scan copper leaf - it is always exactly parallel to the light source.

You need to set up a camera in front of the piece and two equal light sources at just about 45 degrees off the plane to the front. Or you can experiment with some interesting side lighting and see what kind of cool depth effects you can squeeze out of it.


( Oh... nice cephalapod! Ia Cthulhu! )
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Omfg, this is wonderful! <3 I like the way it scanned, even if it's not the way it was originally supposed to be.
tenebreeze's avatar
Well it looks lovely anyways.
Mad-But-Happy's avatar
Still looks great to me :D Hehe Nice work
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It's a lovely purple octopus, nonetheless...
stormwrought's avatar
Still a very snazzy octopus.
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