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Klimt's Merganser

By ursulav
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I saw a pair of mergansers out on the pond by my apartment t'other day, and wanted to paint one. The males barely look real.

More Klimtian stuff, with a hint of Michael Parkes thrown in...

Original 8 x 16 and is probably for sale. Prints are available for $10 and $20, plus shipping--send a note or visit [link] for details!
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very unusual art for merganser,it's wonderful)
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I love Klimt's style and I love birds. Two thumbs up :)
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isn't that a bufflehead?
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Aw this is beautiful! These guys are so serene looking and the way you painted him is gorgeous. Love the crest.

On the note of barely looking real, loons seem so incredibly fake to me; always have. When I would flip through an Audubon Society Wildlife book featuring the birds, I would just stare at the loon and I swore the picture was fake. :)
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Ohhh, Mergansers... I love them so much!

(Pretty black-and-white ducks rock my socks. I also love Buffleheads and Goldeneyes, when we get them through.)
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Oooh, I LOVE how the black and orange work together here.
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This is the best looking one of the whole set ^_^ Not that the others were bad, but the look of the drake is just so damn sharp, and it really goes with the whole setup just gorgeously.
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i love hooded mergansers! We have them in our lake
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This is awesome... I love birds.
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I'm glad i found you on here, cuz i miss you on Metal and Magic
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Strange bird, but very nice art, quite soft yet striking.
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Cool! It's Hooded Merganser! :) I love birding and birds...they're so amazing :)
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Aww, what sweet little creatures they are! Have you ever seen a Smew? I reckon they're on the same sort of level of cuteness. The warm background really compliments his golden eye, which is lovely.
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Cool. Klimt rawks.
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very intriguing bird. i love how your bird reeks personailty.
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I didn't know the name of the bird, but I recognized its shape. Very nice job, especially on the pattern of his feathers!
They are really pretty birds, huh?
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another beautiful bird :D
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haha, the brainbird.
Man, I love these things
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Ohhh they are so stylish!
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Nice highlights on the feathers. The minor strokes stand out well.
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How is it that I'm in the same state as you and I've never seen one of these, NOR did I know what they were called? :laughing:;;;;

Beautiful work though! ^_^ Absolutely gorgeous colors, and the textures on his (I assume this is a male. :3) feathers is perfect! :D
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We have mergansers at our pond in MN. The first time I saw the males I thought they were decoys, the colors were so vivid. Excellent job.
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