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Klimt's Hummingbird

This one just didn't work. I figured out why--it needed a lot more running off the edges, and the rooster worked a lot better because it had much more interesting (and much less) negative space and the big hunk of black as an anchor.

Oh well, live and learn. I hate it when a painting fails. This one is up on ebay, starting at a buck, because I want it out of my studio and my misery pronto.

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Panalicious6's avatar
The hummingbird looks so elegant!
solusauroraborealis's avatar
I think its beautiful! Sometimes just staring at things as the creator of the piece kinda gives you a different opinion than what other people see so I hope someone bought it and loves it!
Mcgruder's avatar
would LOVE that on my wall its beautiful
rawru's avatar
aww damn the auctions over for this, I love it.. 101$ is a little out of my price range though~! Yikes! Bet that made your day :D (or maybe not? I dont know how much your stuff auctions for normally :P)
Bucinhas's avatar
Wow, you really are dedicated to Klimt...
Equally awesome, as the octopus
MischievousPooka's avatar
Nice detail. Like the colors.
Eleri's avatar
Started at a buck...Sold for $101.

jjferrit's avatar
*sneaks over* sssh everyone, stop saying how great it is and start bidding for it before she changes her mind *sneaks away*

hehe, well i must agree with everyone else, it's very nice :)
CH3-CO-O-CH3's avatar
:rofl: misery @ 1$ who wants? ... well 444 people have favved it atm.. so i doubt it'll be troublesome to sell! ;-)
dreamingwolf-designs's avatar
While you may not have achieved exactly the effect you were intending it's still a lovely piece of art in and of itself. The detailing in the textures and layers of colour is exquisite - bravo! *heads for Ebay in case it's still available*
Vedette9's avatar
It may not work as a Klimt style painting, but don't write it off completely, I think it looks pretty and the negative space here is fine.
NinjaBunnyX's avatar
What do you mean it doesn't work? This is so beautiful! :D
Twain28's avatar
If you say this is not good....well, I can only guess you're perfection mde artist.
UrsusArctos's avatar
Whether you think its a failure or not- it's up to 101 dollars on ebay! I'd say you're doing fine...
Mad-But-Happy's avatar
I agree with the negative space thing, but hey. Still pretty solid :D Keep at it
Eternity-Wolf's avatar
Hummingbirds are beautiful birds
AmberCoyote's avatar
I dunno... I like humming birds reguardless of their symmetry.
TheTonberryGurl's avatar
What an aorable woodpecker! It's so realistic, but at the same time, kind of softly cartoony! I love!!
Acacello's avatar
Didn't work? Are you kiddin'? I love it!! :D Much more than rooster to be completely honest ;) Your work is great!
Quor18's avatar
If this is your idea of "misery" then I'm a bit afraid/excited to see what perfection would be. Or even just mediocrity.
rockie7777's avatar
Well, i guess you have the right to judge your own work. And i have the right to disagree with you. And there it is on ebay tonight for $ anything of mine would fetch more than a dollar ninety quitcher whinin' miss more talent in her little finger than my whole body. And keep doing your excellent long as you're having fun.
princesskaguya2000's avatar
I agree with you that it falls short of a Klimt like piece, but isnt totally lacking in aesthetic quality. It's very lovely as a piece on its own
melanippos's avatar
Maybe crop the back of the hummingbird - so he's coming more onto the page rather than being stationary there - that way it'll look a bit more like he's flying into the picture pane.
Anebrd's avatar
very pretty. I like the soft colors and the hummingbird is just very lifelike
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