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Klimt's Fish IV

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My buddy Brooke, who's a terrible instigator, has taken to dangling the offer of her unused 6-gallon saltwater nanotank in my direction. To help destroy my willpower, she keeps taking me to this saltwater fish store, which is the sort of thing that breaks an artist's will to live. The colors, man! THE COLORS!

The blue tang--that's what this one is--is a gorgeous fish, and the wee little small ones are utterly adorable. They get too big to put in a 6-gallon, but they're this gorgeously intense blue that cannot be duplicated without neon. (Yes, yes, Finding Nemo, I know. It's okay, get it out of your system. I'll wait.)

Anyway, original is 6 x 8, on cradled gessoboard, ready to hang, prints are available for $10 plus shipping, send a note or visit [link] for details.
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this is Regal Tang right?
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lovely style
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This is phenomenal.
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almcdermidProfessional Writer
Featured here: [link] Thanks.
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It's Dorrie!!!
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almcdermidProfessional Writer
This amazing piece is featured here [link]

Many thanks.
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Dory! hahah this painting sure does rock man! i'm so faving this! :D
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the scales are astounding. :lovehug:
blue is in the eye of the beholder! love the phrases you come up with =]
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I love your marine fish pieces! Actually, all of your artwork is pretty awesome. I favorited Moor on a Wire a while back. I work at Petco and I HATE it when people come in and either go, "IT'S NEMO!" or, "IT'S A DORY FISH!!!" Half are adults and should know better, too. They even point at the wrong fish, like tomato clowns or blue damsels. *shakes head sadly* In any event, your royal blue tang, fox-faced rabbitfish, royal gramma, and percula clown are nicely done. :-) Any chance of doing piece with a dragon wrasse in it?? :D
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MrSckumHobbyist General Artist
Urs... this fish series is your best work to date...
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orafaerygirlProfessional Traditional Artist
Another excellent fishy, you are really on a roll with these! :)
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tea-for-meHobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful use of colors and very subtle scales.

I, too, am in love with fish and trying to learn about nanotanks. But until I get an extra $1000 and a bigger apartment, I'll have to deal with my ryukins and bettas. Take the tank while you can!
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vangelis-karamelaHobbyist Traditional Artist
'Blue,is in the eye of the beholder' . .awesome :)
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minime2210Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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There are many a deliciously colorful fish! :D
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Blue tang! It cracks me up that these things can be nasty-mean, and they picked one for Finding Nemo.

Not to poke a hole in the nanobubble, but I will say that those are really. incredibly. hard. to keep healthy and running.

Though the marine fish store makes me want to get one, like, tomorrow.
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ZoeSotet Traditional Artist
How do you get that flaky effect in the background?
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Gold leaf!
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ZoeSotet Traditional Artist
ah ok, I thought it might be when I first looked at it, but then I thought it kind of looked too... dirty I guess, or something.
It's a nice effect, I'll have to try it some time.
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pehcaíto <3
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scarletkitsuneProfessional General Artist
Don't give in to the aquarium trap!! This summer I worked at a pet store for some extra cash, selling goldfish to toddlers all day long and thinking,"Oh, hey, I could do that. The toddlers do it!" Psh. Those toddlers are genius.

Then you kill 15 fish (and with each lapse, you think,"Well, I know better now. Replace!"), and end up with three 10 gallon tanks before, in a momentary lapse of sanity, you wind up with a 55-gallon aquarium from craigslist...

And then you move your 55-gallon tank to your new apartment... which two weeks later you move to the apartment-across-the-way because it's been newly renovated and your roommate insists its not hard to move 550 lbs of water...

All in all, probably worth it. My fish drama seems to have ceased since moving to the big tank.
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Velasa Traditional Artist
This has been one of my absolute favorite fish since I was six, movie or no movie they're just such beautiful little things. Beautiful picture on a whole ^^ All of the colors look so good together.
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PENI- oh wait, TANG!
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