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Klimt's Clownfish

By ursulav
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I've been noticing people asking where the little stories for much of the art have gone, and I'll tell you. I'm currently working on a graphic novel for Penguin Dial Books. This is wonderful and fabulous and I'm terribly excited, but it also means that I have to turn out 80 comic pages of varying complexity in six weeks. And it's all cute...narrative...stuff.

I am so bloody sick of cute narrative stuff right now that I could chew through solid lead.

So the art I've been doing, as you might have noticed, is sort of...decorative. It exists to go "Hey! Cool-looking!" There is no cute little story because my cute little story gland is under contract to a large publishing house. So, until this book is done, you get fish and gold leaf.

Still, bein' me, I had to include a least a little bit of text on the piece. I imagine in this post-Nemo world that the clownfish are a little sick of being "cute."

6 x 6, mixed media, original is for sale, prints available for $10 plus shipping, send a note or visit [link] for details.
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depends on the clownfish! maroon clownfish are NEVER cute, and within the reefkeeping hobby their considered violent brutes.........the females will definately kill anything that annoys her. They are kept very carefully haha. but anyway love the image!
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I bought a print of this from you at Fc10 and its now proudly framed on my bathroom shelf next to a huge orange sea urchin <3 Thankyou
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aww but it is cute! so cute and brightly colored that imma fav it!
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Good Idea, here's a storyline penguins and polar bears rebel against always being shown togeather.
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lol, now that's hilarious XD
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This piece has been Featured in my journal, here: [link]
If you do not wish for your deviation to be displayed in this way, do please let me know via note and I will remove it. Thanks!
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I'm quite sure solid lead is bad for your health. Be careful, I don't want (and nobody here does) you sick !
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Sorry to the clownfish, but they really are quite adorable. :)
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I love the colours and details, and that little quote is cute, great work ^^
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Ohh, good luck with the graphic novel and congrats with nabbing a large publisher! (even if it is cute stuff ;) )
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Nevertheless-he is adorable! I love the little text and yes I have to say it NEMO!
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nice colours on it 8D great job!
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This being your art, I feel like the fish is speaking for itself. Except I don't speak clownfish.

But it's definitely telling a story, and it definitely is cute and disturbing and disturbing and cute.

Except I don't speak clownfish.
But I'm still happy in a content sort of way, because it's your fish.
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And in five seconds, an angry clownfish could kill you with a look.

Sorry, that was out of nowhere. But i think it's fine that you're getting fed up with "cute." And i think the way you set this up-- especially with the words-- makes it almost seem dangerous somehow. As in, "say 'cute' & you die" dangerous. ;) If that makes any sense.
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Oh, lionfish. Oh, please, a lionfish. My kingdom for a lionfish.

[link] (a young one)

Angel fish might be more up your alley, but with you, I never know.
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Sweet, I'll have to keep an eye out for it when it comes out. It'll be awesome to see your work in the bookstores!
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I imagine in this post-Nemo world that the clownfish are a little sick of being "cute."

And yet this one seems to have an inexorably adorable expression on it's face. I LOVE HIM~! Love your Klimt pieces, really. Do keep up the good work.

And I get the thing about fish people. I was a fish person for a long time. It was ridiculous how much I spent on freshwater fish and breeding guppies for the pet store.
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Sooo beautiful. The colors just make me happy with their richness.
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I'll try to go with some other word than cute. Mmmm [thinks]..... I got it! "Pretty!"

I love the orange one!
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Scales look so reale! I love your Klimt's art :lol:
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I read my husband the comment you have on the painting 'The clownfish were tired of being considered cute' and he said 'She should have painted a picture of a clownfish murdering a small child. That would have showed 'em.' :XD:

Good painting, though now I wish all your paintings had little comments in them.
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Beautiful work as always!
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This is my favorite of the fish so far.
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