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More character doodles of fantasy brothel workers. For this one, I wanted a woman who was part kingfisher, but not in the anthro sense--instead she's got a kind of living headdress on. I wanted to have the masklike bit have expressive, animate eyes, but be sufficiently offset from where human eyes are that it's obvious that the mask itself is alive, and holds as much expression as the mouth.

I have no idea whether it works or not, but it was an interesting idea to doodle around with, anyway.

Kingfisher was a relatively ordinary young woman, when she accidentally took half a curse up'side t' head. (There was an incident with a cross-eyed snarl-witch and the laundry.) The curse was supposed to turn her into a kingfisher, but since she only caught half of it, she wound up as you see here. As with many curses, it can only be broken by the kiss of her One True Love, (or possibly by the kiss of her One-Half True Love, however that works.)

Being a practical sort, Kingfisher decided to maximize the potential for curse-breakage by arranging for a profession where she came into intimate contact with as many men as possible--ergo, she became a prostitute at the busiest supernatural whorehouse around. The curse hasn't broken yet, although not for want of trying. She specializes in erotic yo-yo. Her skill in this field is unparalleled, although admittedly, we know of no competition, and please don't ask us to explain the appeal.
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Heercums-N-Oxymoron's avatar
Heercums-N-OxymoronHobbyist Writer
Do these stories take place in a 'world'?

I mean, I know the House of Fireflies can be accessed by several 'worlds' simultaneously but still...

Do you think you'll ever make this into a novel? I reckon this make a great story for teenagers
bula-2's avatar
that's way awesome
CarnivalChild's avatar
Problem is, the half-curse is liable to be undone in the wrong direction and she'll end up as a kingfisher. But so long as her one true half-love isn't a fish I don't see it being too big a problem.
Yaruzh's avatar
YaruzhHobbyist General Artist
And even suggestive things with a yo yo just like the story, very nice XD
jjferrit's avatar
jjferritHobbyist Artisan Crafter
erotic yo yo XD how do you come up wit this stuff? haha XD
DancingDragon's avatar
DancingDragonHobbyist Writer
So glad you linked all the House of Red Fireflies stuff together, I can't believe I haven't faved more of it, since I have sure fallen in love with the topic. :D
brushtail-thegreat's avatar
brushtail-thegreatHobbyist General Artist
I imagine she and the yo-yo facinate cats/cat gods/ cat people.
SoldierToger's avatar
Mmm, interesting concept:D
LaGuillotine's avatar
Erotic yoyo? Ha ha, regardless she's an awesome character.
ricey's avatar
riceyProfessional Digital Artist
i could imagine being more confused than aroused at this articular brothel... but but it would certainly be amusing!
Zirtavia's avatar
Absolutely. STUNNING. This is amazing.

And, of course, like everyone else, I'm thinking you have to actually post somewhere a description of what erotic yo-yo is. Because we're all really curious.
SirenScream's avatar
Love the idea for the headdress.

Erotic yoyo? I hate to say it but now I'm curious.
belario's avatar
belarioHobbyist General Artist
i simply adore your House of Red Fireflies project - excellent idea followed up by even better execution!

i really like this Kingfisher babe. :heart:
evanjensen's avatar
evanjensenProfessional Traditional Artist
Great goofy grin you've got her grinning, there. ; ) I really like the idea you've been working with here- these working girls in the high end fantasy brothel. Its something that not a lot of authors or artists cover in the strictest sense, beyond maybe passing mention of characters being dragged from various such establishments.... beyond well, China Mieville in "Perdido Street Station". And that was just weird. Anyhow, I think it's a unique thing to start working with. And needless to say, it somewhat scents of "Spirited Away" in the asian-bath/pleasure house thing sense... thing. O.o

..Good job.
Crows's avatar
CrowsHobbyist General Artist
Absolutely hysterical. God, I love that expression in the corner. =D You know what they say, non? A happy whore...
Wait- You don't know? ...Thats great!
I'm not too sure myself.
twiligne's avatar
"She specializes in erotic yo-yo."
DancingCavy's avatar
DancingCavyHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is so unique and awesome! I love the hands.
njim's avatar
this is awesome!
satoru-00's avatar
satoru-00Professional General Artist
I loved
CuddlyDemon's avatar
*snork* Not just yo-yo, erotic yo-yo. Iunno, string bondage? But that would cut off circulation in like two seconds...
Fazzey's avatar
I love the yo-yo and her grin!!!!=D
Bilious's avatar
BiliousProfessional General Artist
OMG I love her design and adore her story! I hope to hear more about this series- that curse is hilarious... and... erotic yoyo... XD this brings back memories of some of my older ideas I have dismissed but should really bring back. XD Thank you for the inspiration! :heart:
lotus-kid's avatar
Hope she knows it's gonna be kinda tough to get a kiss with that great big beak stuck in the middle of things. Well I'm sure Mr. One True Love could work around it, especially if he was a paying customer. Another fabulous design, keep 'em comin'!
dragonladych's avatar
dragonladychProfessional Traditional Artist
I love the concept of "half a curse". Certainly not easy to convey in drawing (the double expressions) but you're doing great!
anonymous's avatar
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