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Judas Pig BBQ Sauce


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I live in North Carolina, a state that takes its barbecue VERY seriously. There are barbecue joints every five feet, and the debate over eastern vs. western NC barbecue has occasionally claimed lives.* And every one of these places has a sign out front with a grinning pig on it, frequently licking sauce of its fingers, advertising just how great their pulled pork is.

Every time I see one of these pigs, I wonder at the kind of animal that can sell out its species and dine with such cruel cannibalistic glee. Treacherous swine!

On the other hand, way back in the day, many slaughterhouses employed a "Judas Goat." This goat lead the panicked sheep inside, secure in the knowledge that it would come out the other side. Which it did. The sheep, by contrast, came out as lamb chops.

I figured it was time that we had a BBQ sauce label that did not gloss over the treachery of the pigs in question. (To my knowledge, there will not ever be a Judas Pig BBQ sauce available, although if anybody wants to license it...)

Prints in regular and jumbo are available for the BBQ lover, or just those who, like me, have questioned the motives of all those grinning pigs. They can be ordered for $10 and $20 from Red Wombat Studio at [link]

*Far as I'm concerned, it's ALL weird, and Memphis-style is the only true BBQ. I mostly keep this opinion to myself when out in public.
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As a Memphis-born deviant, I love the comment that Memphis-style is the only true BBQ.  Headbang!

Great looking label.