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Because people keep asking, no, he didn't flush.
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I love the way you designed these pages. :)
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Your cat uses the toilet and learned all on his own, that's adorable!  Just don't let him try to bury it  ;)
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This is a neat way to do your journal entries.
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Cats poop in the litterbox because they want it contained. Poop smells bad. The toilet is actually better at this than the litterbox, and some cats figure that out. Especially if they figure out that people poop in the toilet. They're not all that stupid.
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Cats are amazing creatures, when you think you fully understand them and their capabilities, they do something you never thought possible. My Alex, apparently can jump nearly any height from nearly any distance. We call it defying Gravity.
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Ah, so now it's up to you to teach him the virtue of flushing, eh?
Your cat is clearly an extraterrestrial in disguise! 
I love the expression you gave him here! XD
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Looks like weed.
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Did he at least put the seat down? 7@=Q
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Garden looks to the cat warning: be careful of animals smarter than than a human? :lol:
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The only thing you need to know is what brand of toilet paper the cat wants, and whether he needs one for wiping, and one for shredding.
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Looks like your cat learned how to do a people thing. :giggle:
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Now that is a nice trait for a cat to develop.
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Did Sergei flushed the toilet? XD
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Sergi is very intelligent.  Good cat!
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Cat must have decided to "do as the humans do" after watching you enough times :XD:
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that little yellow flower is so cute omg
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