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It Gnaws The Walls

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And now for something completely out of left field...bugger if I know what this is. It's a...thingy. It gnaws the walls. (I know that much!) And that's about all I know. Seems to be a Gearworld image. Maybe. Maybe not. Those do appear to be gears down there, and if you knock a hole in the wall in Gearworld (or chew one, as the case may be) there's generally some kind of machinery behind it, either churning away behind the scenes, or rusted into immobility. (What these huge conglomerates of stone clockwork actually DO is anybody's guess...)

If you hadn't guessed, the things I don't know about Gearworld vastly outnumber the things I do know. (For people who aren't familiar with it, it's this setting that some of my art takes place in, with weird and arbitrary laws and lots of big stone gears. I do not seem to be quite in control of it.)

This is also weird for an unrelated reason, which is that it's a triptych, done on 6 x 6 clayboard panels. I've never done a triptych before. I just felt like fooling around with one, though, and this seemed to be what wanted to come out. I'm not sure about it. It may not even be done yet. I may need some more murky purples or something. But hey! If artists knew what the hell they were doing ALL the time, where'd be the fun of that?

Ink on clayboard, 3 6 x 6 panels. Original is for sale, I guess, if somebody wants something that peculiar, and prints...err....not sure how I'd do prints. I suppose I could work something out if somebody wants them, but it would be odd. Drop a note or visit [link]
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weird. Your artwork is great.
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wheresmyteaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the way you paint stone. :)
Ha11oween666's avatar
I've always loved this piece ever since I saw it on your site when I was younger..
and Im all squee cuz I just noticed that theres graffiti on the walls.
Lol "Ursula was here" made me laugh...
Little guys with white faces are alright in my book<3
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It seems to be more nuzzling or sniffing the wall than actually gnawing. Investigating, but not yet causing damage.
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That's a serious and nearly conceptual art, I like it. :+fav:
eccentricone's avatar
I really adore your concepts and admire your craft -- this one in particular is tops in my book -- talent for story telling and capturing the words in an image. Well done!
opacus-somnium's avatar
Sometimes I just look at your art and think, "What the hell was she smoking when she came up with that?!" And then I fall in love with whatever strange idea it is.

You're a real weirdo, ya know? But that's a good thing. :D
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Yeah, gears rock. It's cool. Very cool.
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mo013 Traditional Artist
i like the graffiti on the wall
francisca-osornio's avatar
:popcorn: the color and textura is beautiful!!!
inkityplinkity's avatar
oooo creepy i love it!
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I've a silly question .. because I've noticed you use it a lot but I've never heard of it. What exactly is clayboard? O.o
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yuki-tsukihana Traditional Artist
wow, this is, so far, my favorite Gearworld image. why? ...I have no idea. probably for the same reason you draw Gearworld << maybe?
RaeGirl1988's avatar
omg its so sweet lol!
ricey's avatar
riceyProfessional Digital Artist
awesome, i love gearworld
Fairyoffire's avatar
Fairyoffire Photographer
Maybe she is some sort of stone eating cousin of the termite. What ever it is ts cute.
Dread-Pirate-Frost's avatar
I do rather like this one.
The perspective is nifty-keen. I also really like the way you've spaced the picture with black sections. Good job on the design here ^^. How fun!
NickelEdge's avatar
like the dark mood to the pic :) like that it was done over 3 boards :) cool stuff
christabel's avatar
For some reason, I thought it was going to be a narwhal! XD "It gnaws the walls" .. narwhal... *nudgenudge*

I think I need a nap. >.>

Wonderful, wonderful piece-- as eva'!
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Very cool! How do you come up with these critters! Gosh! What an awesome imagination! :wow: :clap:
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Love the little critter, and love the thing in general. BTW, is Gearworld your idea? Because it rocks.
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patrxHobbyist Digital Artist
:D Stone gnawing termites, eh? Interesting critter...:D
Davecko's avatar
ROFL.. it looks like some sort of mutated maggot! Gotta love the purple shadows you put on him.
I love the textures you used in the stone walls! You even put little writings in it! Gearworld seems like a cool place.
Hmm.... that's interesting of how you did three 6 x 6 panels to accomplish the entire vertical structure of this.
What exactly is a triptych?
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*grin* It's just that--any painting done on three panels. (Two is a diptypch, four or more generally just gets called a multitych)
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