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Iguanodon Gardener
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Nearly True Science Fact: Iguanodons were avid gardeners, and fossilized trowels, sunhats, and watering cans are often found among Iguanodon fossil remains.

It's true. Ask any paleontologist. You'll have to get them drunk first, of course, before they'll violate the strict code of secrecy enacted by their dark and sinister order, so the best course of action would be to take a paleontologist to a bar and buy them as many drinks as they would like. Go on. We'll wait.

7.5 x 9 or thereabouts, a mixed media watercolor/colored pencil/acrylic little piece for fun. Original is for sale, prints available at Red Wombat Studio: [link]
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DaydreamDragon371's avatar
DaydreamDragon371|Student General Artist
IT'S SO FLUFFING CUTE! Iguanodons have become one of my favorite dinosaurs as of late. :D
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OMG I love this!!
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LaYeobright's avatar
*PHWEEE!* :squee: What can I say? I'm a sucker for Dinosaurs! :love:
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lunatic0-0's avatar
lunatic0-0|Hobbyist General Artist
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GarnetKimzey's avatar
GarnetKimzey|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Aww, this is adorable.
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Wulfettenoire's avatar
Working on a story with dinosaurs, found this and just can't stop loving this iguanodon :P
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VaranusNiloticus's avatar
VaranusNiloticus|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*sob* this... is way too cute. TOO. CUTE. WAY TOO MUCH !
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minime2210's avatar
minime2210|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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CrazyFoxMoon's avatar
CrazyFoxMoon|Hobbyist General Artist
As a frustrated person with a degree in Earth Sciences, who also wanted to be a paleontologist, I must say I never got far enough into the order to verify these claims.

Or did I? :evillaugh:

Anywho... this is 100% adorable!
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senzanima's avatar
Now I want to get a paleontologist drunk.
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MitreSquareMurder's avatar
MitreSquareMurder|Hobbyist Photographer
Somehow, I'm not surprised that I found a comment from you on this. I'll chip in some money for the drinks.
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CatONineTales's avatar
CatONineTales|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your descriptions are always so much fun :)
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RandomClaire-chan's avatar
RandomClaire-chan|Hobbyist General Artist

How cheerful!
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tiger-Sanga's avatar
tiger-Sanga|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If I was an author of this I would expect only one kind of comments 'Awww... It's so cute'


Awww... It's so cute :P
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animefreak120's avatar
animefreak120|Student Digital Artist
The artist comments amuse me. xD
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Terra-Storm's avatar
Terra-Storm|Student Artisan Crafter
I think 'fav' is an understatement. I love this little guy!
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SinisterVibe's avatar
OMG! I did as you said and sure enough - iguanadons have been found with sun hats! And even a few raptors with frizbees! weird what you can find out over a few shots of tequila!
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Acidum07's avatar
Acidum07|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I had a garden once.
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MoonLiger's avatar
Awww what a cute and original idea! :love: I love the colouring and the shading, plus the look of happiness on its face. The hat and the flowers are a nice touch too, as is the story which is quite humorous. Now if only I could find a paleontologist...
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cloudskimmer's avatar
Iguanodons gave this pic thumbs up.
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ladycondensation's avatar
ladycondensation|Student Traditional Artist
<3 aw
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stokerbramwell's avatar
They make the HAPPIEST gardeners! <3
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LuciusAppaloosius's avatar
Such fossils are usually found in the Cretaceous / Herbaceous Border layers.... 7@=Q
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Carcaohtar's avatar
It's Dorothy from The Wiggles!!
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