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Hula Donkey

By ursulav
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Dance, little donkey! Shake that (jack)ass!

...no, I have no pun-shame. Why do you ask?

Just a fun and silly little mixed media piece, fooling with the donkey design...man, I like donkeys. Well, artistically. I haven't spent much time with the real thing.

Original is for sale, prints available for $10 plus shipping, send a note or visit Red Wombat Studio at [link]
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I doubt this would be Eeyor.

"Thanks for remembering me. And for humiliating me to boot."
- Eeyor
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She looks so happy...wishes for money and wall-space...
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Very cute donkey
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That is sooo cute the donkey is my favorite animal
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This is so adorable!
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really really nice ;)
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Where's Stitch and Lilo?
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It's amazing how you convey this general sense of cheer from that donkey just by the little squint and gleam in the eye. I'm envious as fuck.
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I've always adored your pictures, and I like donkeys! Whee!
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:aww::heart: Just adorably stands out, love the work
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Such a cute little donkey.
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love itXDDD....lmaoXDDD
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Your works are amazing!
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I. I swear, sometimes it just looks like you throw a bunch of adjectives and nouns into a fishbowl and pull them out in random pairs or triplets.

I am astonished, and also squeeful, of course, I mean, this is a friggin' ADORABLE hula donkey, but....

it's a *hula donkey*....

Excuse me, I need to go be boggled in private. :heart:
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Aww! Made me laugh after working all night. Thanks!
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It kinda reminds me of Lilo & Stitch, do you know the movie?
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This is a lovely little lass! Congrats on a fun piece of work. Would work really well as a tattoo for someone. (It came to mind for myself, as someone who loves dancing, but is a clumsy ass most of the time! :).)
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It's like Eeyore finally got some Zoloft. :D I love it! :heart:
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....oh god. I am on the FLOOR laughing. Well, was, until I got up to type this comment.
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