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A rambling bit 'o world building about the House of Red Fireflies, the fantasy brothel setting that's been beating at my brain for some days now. Expect more as (or if!) it comes to me!

Illustrations of some of the workers at the House can be found in both the main gallery and my scraps section.
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Ayumi-FallassionStudent Artisan Crafter

Love this! Would love to throw money at this if it ever gets published

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My word, that was awesome. I put up a story today and made reference to this in the description and added a link in case anyone else wanted to read this and it's striking me now that perhaps I should have asked if that was alright with you first, do you mind?
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This is a great piece of work.
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ps. Are you aware that this gets a mention on TV tropes?…     Literature section
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DieForelle Writer
wow. just... wow.
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I like your brain, and want to spend more time there.
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I read this years ago. Recently visited a brothel and thought of it. Then I came back to read it again.

I swear you could talk about this place all day and I'd read it. Good work, good sir.
Daaaamn! You should totally publish your own short stories; you could seriously be the next Neil Gaimen with stuff like this! BRAVO!
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Must say, I absolutely love this series of shorts. Fantastic!! More!!!
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Most interesting. Do go on about the clients- They're all so intriguing.
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MinorTechnicalityHobbyist General Artist
:love: Wish there were more.
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Red-JamesProfessional Writer
wow great job, i love how it flows and how detailed it is
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Very interesting idea and very colourful and expressive describing. A little odd and out of the ordinary, as i like it. Thank you very much.
CarnivalChild's avatar
I am rabidly desirous to know what the chances are that you would draw this?
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wow.... if you got your writings published... you'd be a hit. seriously. a best-seller, in fact.
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If I could draw well enough to do this magnificent place justice, I would. But, unfortunately, I am nowhere near that place. This is amazing. Every nook and cranny is visible in my head. Wonderful work.
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aeddanHobbyist Digital Artist
This is wonderful! More! More!
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Have you ever heard of the short story, "The Barnum Museum"?
PockyPuck's avatar
This is a bloody fantastic concept, and your descriptions of just everything make this so vivid. Everything is in perfect detail in my head.
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jjferritHobbyist Artisan Crafter
...WOW :| that is just flat out amazing, the imagination and description you go into is just amazing, love it :D
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PirateotterStudent General Artist
You know as Im reading this I hear Eddie Izzard's voice talking. He should narrate?? your story on a tape or cd. (if i miss spelled anything please forgive me, and i hope you know what i mean about the narrating thing).
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You really, really have a way with imagery, not only with dreaming it up but with conveying it to others.
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This is, I have to say, disconcertingly brilliant.
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RedpyreProfessional General Artist
My favorite things about the very very last line, is that you can't tell if that's just an author's note, or the actual narrator telling us that this is all he's conquered and explored so far in the place.
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