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Horsehead Monoprint

This is my first experiment with a silkscreening technique that uses water-soluble pastel crayon drawn directly on the screen. S'kinda neat. You end up with 3-5 prints, all of them slightly different depending on the liquidity of the ink. Then you go back and draw into them with colored pencil, resulting in a set of hand-tinted monoprints.

I managed to pull four off this, not bad for a first try! They're all pretty similiar--some are darker, some are lighter, this is a pretty mid-range one. It's about 4 x 4 or thereabouts.

Fun stuff! Can't wait to try it again...
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Reminds me of a knight, in chess. So of course I love it. :)
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I love how the coloring turned out with this technique! Nicely done.
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That's pretty cool, great technique. Nice to see you experimenting, you were one of my early heroes here, at DA, 4 years ago...

Mick :)
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great that u had fun with it! XD
I like it a lot! XD
the horse looks so .. punkie XDDD

nice texture.
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i love the texture. well worth the effort, eh?
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i need to learn how to silkscreen...
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mmm silkscreening :heart:
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Makes me think of the Trojan Horse :)
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Pretty cool-looking. Sorta... Trojan.
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i have to do all sorts of printmaking for a class, but i havn't gotten to this yet. sounds fun
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sounds interesting :D plsss make more XD
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i'd love to see more! looks like a quite interesting technique!
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Looks awesome. I love the weathered effect. :heart:
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i wish i had a clue wot ur talking about - but art is not really my 'thing' so i'll just tell u the effect is great - and it sounds fun anyways ;p
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cool ^^
with practice, anyone can master the art of thankfulness
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I took a silkscreening class in high school and I really enjoyed it. I remember making images to print on the real old school Mac with the black and white screen.
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Very nice, seems really complicated though.
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this looks so cool, I'm rather impressed. I've never heard of this technique before, but it seems like you've got the hang of it. Maybe I'll try it out, but I don't think I've ever even heard of water-soluble pastels... but maybe I have and just haven't noticed.
Anyway, your panting. It looks amazing, I really like how you've colored it in, leaving enough of the original print to show that it was, in fact, a print. Oh yeah, and I really like its mane; it reminds me of a chess piece ^^
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