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Horned Gopher

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Published: December 23, 2008
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Despite sounding like something I'd make up, the horned gopher really genuinely existed during the Miocene and Pleistocene. I tripped over a link to the wikipedia article about them and wound up with a quick doodle in that perennial theme of Small Animal With Balloon.

Wikipedia Article:
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Fast drawing I think, but you have good emotion capture skills.
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I actually knew about these guys! Thank you parents for your collection of weird Time Life reference books you had when I was growing up!
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cuteness of doom
and boy, do nature create some weird beings!
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I love how awesome many ancient (and recent but unusual) animals are. That's one reason I studied as a palaeontologist, actually. The other reason I like them is because I can use them as weird animals in this D&D-type tabletop RPG I am designing... in a museum the other week I saw a goat bigger than a horse, and I realised "That is SO going to be the available riding animal in some mountains."
I don't know about horned gophers, though. Give me an idea of how to surprise or torture the players with them, and they're in.
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PristichampsusProfessional General Artist
easy, painful whack-a-mole tournaments.
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i cant help feeling that this little dude needs some kind of mini boy-child rider that has chosen his mount purely becuase he can tie elastic to either horn thing and fire small pebbles from his sling at people, while having the advantage of being able to get away quickly before getting told off.

but yet again another stunning piece of art!
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Very sweet. That means a lot, because you must know: I don't have a heart! O.o
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Reborn-atheistHobbyist Photographer
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HJSoulmaHobbyist Digital Artist
Mysterious ancient mammals make my day. n___n

ESPECIALLY with balloons.
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haha that is awesome-ly cute!
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OfficiallyAbiHobbyist General Artist
Awww, so cute! The "Small Animal With Balloon" theme never fails!
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cjmartin87Hobbyist General Artist
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH he's so cute! I wanna rub his tummy!
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Xx-Kellyn-xXHobbyist Traditional Artist
How adorable!
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VanessanonProfessional Writer
wow - u actually didn't make it up! :faint:
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brushtail-thegreatHobbyist General Artist
adorable, the cartoon history of the the universe also has a chapter on these guys.
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AgroventStudent General Artist
thats the most adorable thing i´ve ever seen! >.<
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So... mind-bogglingly cuuuuute. D:
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:rofl: this is so wondeful
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EmperorNortonIIProfessional Traditional Artist
It's always interesting when someone depicts the more obscure prehistoric creatures (the ones other than dinosaurs, mammoths and saber-tooth tigers)!
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How could something as cute as that go extinct before humans were around to adore it?
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NoipHobbyist Digital Artist
I assume you're familiar with the star-nosed mole, right?
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Yeah, star-nosed moles would SO benefit from an Awesome UrsulaV Doodle. Cheer! Cheer!
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