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Homonuculus Sketch

I might someday make a painting of this one, like the other Fishhead piece, but it didn't quite happen. I couldn't decide on the tires. I mean, in a future apocalyptic waste, there would totally be old tires, there will be old tires when the sun goes supernova a bizillion years hence, but they were still a little jarring....
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You know, that looks almost like a really surreal coloring sheet, the more I look at it, and it's not just the black and white. xD
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I like the tires. I think they go well with the whole feel of the picture.
Natural20's avatar
The tires are rather stunning. To add to the post-apocalyptic feel, you might add other survivors (Twinkies, roaches, etc.)
malitiadixie's avatar
What if you softened the tires a bit? Like with some moss or other plant life?
The-Lady-Blue's avatar
I don't think the tires are jarring. I like it.
Marla-chan's avatar
i like this just as it is, simple and plain just like the figure.
Chilwi's avatar
I love it. Something about the black and white... But I don´t know how to express it XD
bear48's avatar
wonderful storytelling
Bonekabob's avatar
I don't know why, but when I see this character my head stars singing, "The Mushroom Man" ;P
JynxedDraca's avatar
The tires don't look very jarring to me, but that's just me. I think they add even more interest to the piece.
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