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Holstein Fish

Although popular among fad diets of the day, fish milk never really caught on. The low yield of each fish and difficulty in milking them underwater made them unpopular on fish farms, and diners complained that the stuff "just kinda tasted like old shrimp."

A technical experiment with my current obsession, ryunkin goldfish. This is 12 x 6 on artist panel board, and while it came out okay, the texture of the board isn't much fun to work with compared to some of the other varieties of board. May have to try another fish piece with illustration board...I like all the negative spaces you can get with their fins, but the whites aren't as pure as you can get on illo board.

Original is for sale, prints available! Visit Red Wombat Studio to order: [link]
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I suppose this fish milk would work pretty well in a seafood casserole :P
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These are so funny, cute and well-done!
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this is so cute
SecretlyaZombie's avatar
love this so much D:
CarnationXXRains's avatar
Such an awesome concept and really well executed. Super funny!
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such an awesome drawing!!!
EnviroArtist's avatar
Moo I'm a fish XD
InkSlingerDucky's avatar
I need cheese made from those udders. ASAP.
Perhaps it will give me powers of imagination to this magnitude..
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so original :DDD
my world just got better knowing cows and fish are one
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YA-HAHAHAAH!!! I really love cows, but this fish is so amazing!!!!
the utters on the fish!
As weird as it is; this picture made my day <3
ChubbyPikachu's avatar
i'm kinda skeptical about the milk, too, honestly.
Oh my god that is waaaay to cute :D
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soo funny n cute
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this is awesome! i love it. :la:
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Mmmmooooo-blub blub-ooooo.

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You might even say the fish milk farm was an udder disaster....maybe.
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this was probably about the last thing i expected to see today.
hahha, hybrid :P cow n fissh, like it
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