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Hamster Propaganda

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I was looking at WW2 propaganda posters online, which run the gamut from amazing to just plain frickin' WEIRD, and having been thinking about hamsters anyway...well, there was this weird Russian one, and...um...yeah. Obviously the original didn't have a hamster. (Is it possible to do Russian WW2 fan art? Should I worry about my sanity?)(Hell, I should have started worrying about it years ago, in that case.)

There is absolutely no meaning to this at all, except that I was doodling and it struck me as weird and visually interesting. People attempting to find some kind of deep social commentary should go ponder the dodos or something. Any visual virtue, I hasten to add, is to the credit of the original poster--I'm just the weirdo with the hamster a few decades later.

Painter/Photoshop, about half an hour of weirdness.
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jendorfski Traditional Artist
NOT weird! Just utterly cool (and fun)! Speaking of propaganda...[link]
Dr. Steel and we Toy Soldiers do it all the time!
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Reminds me off a comic book (yes a big thick one) that I had about the Holocaust, but all the characters were mice, sadly a family member of mine threw it away, because, it was "propaganda."
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Good work, comrade! :salute:
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lolz! XD you mentioned something about "just plain frikkin weird!" what were those ones?
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flyinghamsterofdoomHobbyist Writer
I love this!
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Hehe, I just happened to search for "hamsters" and found this. Nice work.
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Awsome. I love propaganda... and weird propaganda is even better.
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My god. That is great.
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now that's a serious he-hammy.
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I LOVE this. It's nice to know I'm not the only person who looks through war propaganda posters for FUN. BTW, where were these posters you were looking at? I'd like to check it out.

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Hahaha !
More of these please.

Still, I think the typo you used is a bit too festive for such an ambiance.
Though it fits the 2nd degree humor.
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Cool! It's really interesting to see pieces like this. ^_^ Great work! :)
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WW2 propaganda was nuts.. I've seen a couple of those sort of posters. Interesting hamster.. you really know how to put these things together.
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You're absolutely insane. And that's just peachy! I _love_ the picture!
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i always thought the american propaganda during WWII was the most interesting. or funny anyway.
theres this one poster that says...

"She may look clean - BUT

'Good Time' girls

Spread Syphilis and Gonorrhea
You can't beat the Axis if you get VD"

hilarious. but yeah i know the European posters, especially Russian and German, were much more artistic in content. some frightening, especially the ones where Jews are wolves crawling on naked bodies.
anyway... i like what you did with the "genre".
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manuelkaHobbyist Traditional Artist
But he looks so intellectual! He should not be in a war... :(
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The hamster reminds me of the way Steve Purcell draws the rats in his Sam & Max comics
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Cool I think I saw the oringal you were talking about, like your take on it :)
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:clap: I really love this!!!!!
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if you haven't already, check out the Chinese propagnda during and after their communist revolution. they are absolutely beautiful paintings, and very interesting.

I find WW2 propaganda posters very interesting. Some of them have such amazing imagery, or such inspire visceral reactions. And having just seen The Incredibles, this immediatly reminded me of the poster on the wall of Mr. Incredible's study- a young Mr Incredible standing in a typical superhero pose with caped superhero silhouttes flying in rays of orange and red above him. The slogan said something like "We're doing our part," or some such. It was so obviously Pixar's version of a WW2 poster my boyfriend and i burst out laughing.
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Playwriter Writer
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i really like this propaganda image, though i dont think the font for Hamster fits too well, could jsut be me ^^
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Reborn-atheistHobbyist Photographer
russian hampster... JUST LIKE ME!!!
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