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Hama Sutra


Okay. Okay, really.

See, for years now, I have been threatening to draw the Hama Sutra. And I have been threatening to do this for a couple of reasons, most notably that A) occasionally artists have NEEDS, damnit, and want to draw something raunchy, has already been observed, I have this cuteness problem. And, perhaps more nobly, B) have you ever noticed that all the art about and featuring sex is usually so damn GRIM? I mean sure, some of it's passionate and whatnot, but damned if anybody ever looks like they're having FUN.

I am of the opinion that sex should, at least some of the time, be lighthearted and playful and occasionally silly. And the people--or hamsters--involved should look like they're enjoying themselves, damnit! And...well...a friend of mine offered to write the text for the Hama Sutra, and...well...I was at this bar, and...

If future art historians would ever like to pinpoint the exact moment I secured my place in hell, this one's a good bet.

Original is mixed media on illustration board. Prints are available for $10 plus shipping, send a note or visit [link] and as usual, it's Not My Place To Judge.
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TheDevilReborn's avatar
Too true! Sex is fun! If it wasn't we wouldn't want to do it all the time! :)
phyrexianrevoker's avatar
This so cute!
GMikey's avatar
So.... cute :iconsutra01plz:
Koopa90's avatar
What? ... WHAT?! . . . *rubs eyes*

I must be dreaming, I didnt just see . . . I did? hahahahaah !!!
Your SO right, I been looking at the art depicting this subject and its hard to find a pic where the participants are actualy either enjoying themselfs, having fun, or for the most important part. being passionant. its always dark, grim, or somethin in between (that or I am not looking in the right places)

its cute. nice work.
vlfskgmfakmf's avatar
gabrielle001's avatar
oooaahahahah!!!!!! i just cant stop loughing !!!
SacredFootballLB's avatar
lmao his grin is freakin hilarious.
AkiraRose's avatar
they're so cute!!!
Silvolf's avatar
This act is a personal fave of mine and so deserves a fave for also being cute and amusing!
DNogitsune's avatar
I have seen the cookie sutra. What is so wrong with Hama sutra.
Morgue-Macabre's avatar
i love this reminds me of a t-shirt my dad used to wear of two cute dinosuars in various positions, he also had a mug with little devils doing the same.

I agree, i find sex somewhat amusing and some of the positions damn hilarius XD
bookwormgirl108's avatar
Glad to know I'm not the only one with a cuteness problem :D
lerandia's avatar
This is wonderful! What a cheeky interpretation.
Anima-en-Fuga's avatar
DetectiveSandy's avatar
what i love about this drawing are the expressions,they are perfect,and it's no reason to go to hell drawing hamster sex :D
Spiderwebwings's avatar
meeeeeehehehehehehehehehe *insane giggling*

You're my new best friend. Seriously. I'm too scared to go through your whole gallery..cause I want to leave some art for another day when I need a reason to smile :P
Brilliant stuff
Dude, that's so funny
Lady-Dazed's avatar

You are a fucking GENIUS!
elliannah's avatar
Rofl, this is fantastic.
I'm definitely going to have to show your entire gallery to my mom.
ThaOnlyMoonchild's avatar
Draw more of it! :D Yessh, draw the whole thing and I promise I'll buy it. It' SO cute. :)
I like it because it shows how sex should be. Not a serious, grim thing where you have to use complicated techniques and everything, but _fun_. yay.
Darkluv's avatar
lmao I love you , chu funnyeh <3
Dinogaby's avatar
omg this is sex made cute! ^__^
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