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Hadrosaur Mittens

It's gotten cold here, and I've had to break out my coat and Cool Hat(tm)* so I was inspired to do a brief little piece of one of my little hadrosaurs, decked out for cold weather with ear muffs and a stylish tail warmer. (What with the return of leg warmers, I am beginning to think that a giant asteroid will be required to kill the eighties.)

Of course, I finish this yesterday, and when I go to upload it today, after weeks of frosty weather, it's 70-frickin'-degrees out, because North Carolina likes to mess with your head.

Maybe I'll wear my Cool Hat anyway. TAKE THAT, WEATHER!

Anyway! 6 x 6 or thereabouts, on 8 x 8 bristol, original is for sale, prints are available, send a note or visit [link]

*My Cool Hat is the least cool hat in the history of the world, a floppy broad-brimmed checkerboard fleece, and makes me look like an elderly hippie matron--you know, the kind who gets kicked out the Red Hat Society for smoking weed--but by god, it is WARM. My stepfather swears that someday he will get it away from me and burn it, then sow the ashes with salt.
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I just wanted to let you know that someone is using your art, just in case you didn't approve.

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Aw... poor little Hadrosaur looks so cold, and cute, and adorable, and cute, and I'm just gonna stop now before I repeat myself any more... :D
Sugar-Bielbog's avatar
Very cute, but why did it get heart tattoos on its thigh?
babbletrish's avatar
Love the My Little Hadrosaurs! Hasbro should be taking notes.
alicelevene's avatar
:D :D :D

this is one of my all time favs!! too cute... I love it :la:
AxelofReaht's avatar
That is so cute. Poor little Hadrosaur. Damn ice age.
DizzieFox's avatar
It's been a cold day, and this warmed me up just by looking at it ^-^.
Sayuki-kun's avatar
Aww! Its adorable! I love this one! :love:
realityhelix's avatar
I've loved dinosaurs since I was very young, but this is the first "My Little Dino" styled one I've seen. It's quite appealing.
Ulfsark's avatar
that's cute!

:D :D :D...

great work!
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I love this picture! you should make it into a print :heart:
cybernetichero's avatar
SQUEEEEE so cuuuuuuuute! :D
TracyWong's avatar
OH MY GOODNESS! This is like the cutest thing EVER! I LOVE IT! :heart::heart::heart::+fave:
animefreak120's avatar
It's so adorable! <3
Sunflicker's avatar
your taste in hats is clearly no odder than mine - as i have recently taken to wearing what can only be described as a cowboy hat around the house.

i live in a city next to the sea :hmm:
littlechagrinx's avatar
I love your Hadrosaurs. They're the cutest in the world. =]
rachelillustrates's avatar
So totally adorable! :+favlove:
yaodema's avatar
Darn cute! ^.^ Hadrosaurs aren't something you see every day.

And hey, the weather might mess with ya, but at least it's still warm. I haven't seen a day over freezing for a little while now.
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You could move to Minnesota. The weather doesn't mess with your head here; it tries to kill you in an forthright and predictable manner. ;) We take refuge in what is familiar rather than in what is pleasant.

And super-cute, non-penis hadrosaur. :aww:
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