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Green Spider

I have no idea what species this is, but look at his little spines! He looks like he's half-cactus!

I cannot imagine anyone wants prints of my amateur photo madness, but since I've got the equipment, I could probably manage a 5 x 7 print of Mr. Spiky here. Drop a line...

ETA: He's a green lynx spider! Thanks, guys!
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wow spiders can be cute
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What an exceptional creature.
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prickly little guy anti he??
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So I just finished reading up on this guy, He is pretty cool. Those are not spikes, that is actually hair! And despite how they look, They rarely bite humans, and will usually crawl on to you without hesitation. they are also as agile as spiderman, only being beaten in jumping and eyesight, by true jumping spiders. Also, their venom is being researched to be used as insecticide. I like this guy!
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he is SO cool
i love spiders
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Woah its scary! But it is awesome too. But I would not want one or would I......There actually preety!
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Wow, that's a beautiful creature. :aww:
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This is such a cool spider. I love its spikes.
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Awesome green lynx spider! I've always wanted to see one of these guys.
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Amazing picture, I personally hate spiders but great picture!
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Such a pretty little carnivore! He looks almost translucent. You did a good job capturing the detail and color. It reminds me of a National Geographic photo.
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Amazing! Beurks creepy
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Amazing, bit scary. I think I might go girly if one of these caught me off guard.
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hehehe nice~
spiders are cool, and i think they're kinda cute :D
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So prickly. O_O I know someone who would love one of these. :D
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Amazing shot, the shine and the vibrant color of the spider almost makes it look surreal
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Wow his front half almost looks lit from within, not so frightening when you can see the details :)
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Wow thats wild!
This is a really good shot, I like the contrast of the green and purple.
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OO there was one of these outside my house the other day and it scared the jeebers out of me because I thought it was a grasshopper (no glasses on) then I leaned in and saw it was a spider. eeek!
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i can just see you anthromorphing him into a painting or some kind XD i'm sure you'd have fun with the spines
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