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Great Plushthanga


The shaman Cryptic-Stitches, of the Moon-Stuffing tribe, clutched his rubber chicken staff. He had called upon Great Plushthanga, one of the great spirits of his tribe, and Great Plushthanga had come.

...I have no idea. Digital, Painter 7, and...err...yeah.

Prints available through Red Wombat Studio, for all your giant plush deity needs! [link]
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Awwww, how cute! I'd love to see that in real life. The summoning of a giant cuddly plush diety would be hilarious to witness XD
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This should be a story. Someone go write a book - a 400 page novel might cover how awesome this is.
Haggis53's avatar
I'll do something for nanowrimo.
Does 50,000 words sound okay?
OtherworldyFauna's avatar
You serious?

Anything about this would be awesome :)
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JessicaDunn's avatar
By the god of all things cute...
TheSpartacat's avatar
i love his toes :-D
triangulor's avatar
This is a great idea AND it is adorable but not in the everyday way. Definitely a win!
TheHappyMarquis's avatar
omg omg omg D= it's so cute and awesome D=
Music--Box's avatar
I love how you can take a totally random idea and do a whole painting of it, not just a sketch mind you, and then post it up here for the world to see. It's so fantastic. And your little story bits you put in the comments are pure gold. :)
StarDragger's avatar
Have I admitted that while I absolutely love your artwork, there are some I favorite simply because of the creative back stories? I haven't decided yet if this is one of those, or if I like bother the picture and the story, but this is definitely getting :+fav:'d.
toniquedepirate's avatar
omg so cute. ur a wonderful artist.
TogathMage's avatar
Used this as inspiration to write a short story on the theme of "Feral Textile Art."
GrammarshineHyena's avatar
OMPBJ, it's SOOO CUTE!!!!! :dance::heart:
I'm just totally loving your art!
Naxnah's avatar
Just you you know, I would sell my soul for a stuffed Plushthanga.
Ericaust's avatar
oh my gosh!! he's so cute..
Gigicom's avatar
Plushland has adorable creatures ^^
The shaman is cute and Great Plushthanga looks magnificent ^^
raywindz64's avatar
It's squishorable.
casadrat06's avatar
XD Omg, too funny & cute beyond words.
Pinwheel-Princess's avatar
I want to live in this magical land of plushes.
KatieUnicorn's avatar
Its so amazing and fluffy Im gonna die
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