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Gorman's Rabbit II

A VERY experimental mixed media piece--those are ceramic bathroom tiles glued to the surface. Which took all manner of experimentation to figure out the best way to mark on the tiles and to seal the mark so it wouldn't come off if somebody breathed on it (fluid matte medium dabbed VERY carefully over acrylic PITT pen, then wiped down around the edges so it didn't smear. Much more fiddly than the description makes it sound.)

And then, after all that work, I realized I'd put it all on the panel upside down, so the nail hole in the back was on the bottom. *sigh* So this one would require actual framing, and since the tiles stick out so far, foiling conventional framing, it will probably specifically require one of those front-loaded illusion frames. The best laid plans...

Anyway. I dunno if it really works visually, but I really wanted to try the tile thing.

8x10, prints available at Red Wombat Studio: [link] and the original is available.
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MwellretMiko's avatar
Lovely composition! I like the mix of organic shapes and geometry. Lovely, sweet-looking rabbit, too. :)
Lunar-Haven-Studios's avatar
Very nice, I adore all the colors in the background compared to the rabbit, and the rabbit is sooo cute by the way XD.
ollyfish's avatar
I like it. I like it a lot. The way the rabbit's head is turned, and the shape of the ears, and the gorgeous colours... In fact, I love it :D
paperdollxdecays's avatar
Hello there! :wave:
I have FEATURED your work here [link]
animefreak120's avatar
I really like the texture.

The rabbit is cute, too. =3
ayuICHI's avatar
Ooh, how interesting! I like the tile usage! :0
KalineReine's avatar
There is just something that I really really love about this. <3 You have been drawing a lot of rabbits lately. Is there a reason why?
jjferrit's avatar
i'm really enjoying these rabbits :) i like the 3d elements you add to the paintings, and the patterend papers underneith
foxangelchan's avatar
I love how startled it looks, like it's just discovering its tail. "Oh, hey, what the heck is that and how is it attached to me?" I also love the idea of using the ceramic tiles. It's a neat dynamic.
White-Tean's avatar
I find your recent experimentation absolutely fascinating; and this piece is of course just absolutely gorgeous independent of all my joy at the cleverness of its construction.
UrsulaPatch's avatar
The piece is adorable. :)

Not sure what your panel is made of, but perhaps something like a "sawtooth hanger" could solve the problem of hanging.
Keaze's avatar
Those tiles remind me of chewing gums for some reason :P.
I wish more of modern art looked this. Interesting shapes.
Rayventail's avatar
I actually like this piece, as well as your other bunny-themed paintings.
To me, the two highest tiles are very aesthetically pleasing.

The softness of the bunny, combined with the hard edges of the tiles and rough background is a wonderful contrast as well!

I really love the rich texture of the background. Are you using acrylic paints? or are you using a gesso beneath the paints to get that texture?
Sehvrin's avatar
I think the tiles works really well. It looks great :nod:
666infernus999's avatar
another cool bunny ;P
YamPuff's avatar
Obviously I can't speak for what the real thing looks like, but what I can see on my screen looks really interesting, the textures complement each other nicely.

Oh and the bunny is cute. :P
orjoowan-art's avatar
i think it's great.. it works
ZoeSotet's avatar
It looks fantastic! I love the use of the tiles.

What is it painted on? Maybe you can just glue something on the back to hang it by?
Very creative and well executed. You took chance with the tiles and pulled it of successfully.
SqueekyMoonkin's avatar
Very nice. I clicked on the link, but don't see the price for the original.
Akado89's avatar
Very creative with the bathroom tiles.
Vesoth's avatar
Looks like you had a fun experiment going on :D.I love the color and texture of the background. Very beautiful piece.
ArtMyWorld's avatar
OHMYGOSH! i luuuuuuuv this your expiriment went awesom in m eyes :D i absolutly love the colors use and the tiles are so mod :D
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