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Golem Girl

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...and then I had this idea about a fantasy brothel setting, and it started hammering at my brain like death on a stick. Where does the Unseelie Court go to unwind? The best little whorehouse in fairyland, that's where! It has everything! Sex! Weirdness! Humor! Pathos! Really creepy dark freaky stuff I'm not willing to draw or even think about too closely!

So now I'm doodling supernatural prostitutes. Yeah. All those years of learning algebra and slaving with a protractor because my math teachers swore I'd need it later and four years of college writing papers on the dynamics of hunter-gatherer societies, and what do I do with myself? I draw fantasy hookers.

God, I love my life.

Anyway, this chick's a golem girl. She's made of animate clay, indestructible, immensely strong, and feels neither pleasure, pain, fear, or boredom, making her rather well suited for the job she's found herself in, particularly when weird nameless things from the back of beyond are feelin' freaky and something flesh and blood would be in a lot of trouble. She's extremely old, having been created by a rabbi who long since met a bad end. Golems traditionally have the Hebrew word "Emet" (truth) written on their foreheads, and can be rendered inanimate by erasing the E, so it spells "Met" (death.)

Being mute and apparently emotionless, of questionable sentience, I nevertheless suspect a certain quiet pathos to the golem girl. I bet she gardens without anybody ordering her to. I gave her big honkin' feet because she's basically an animate statue, and if you've ever tried doing anything with clay, you always wind up having to give them a giant base or they fall over if you breathe on them.

I need another fantasy world idea like I need a nailgun to the temporal lobe, so I have no idea if the supernatural brothel will get fleshed out at all, but at least for the day, I'm intrigued.
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This is, more or less, how I envisioned the Golem Girl would look.
Again, surprisingly excellent story, and a cute little character.
NathanDespain's avatar
Okay, golems first off, are the awesome.
This is no exception.
Fav'ing! ^^
l33thaxx0r's avatar
what is the 'job she's found herself in' that you mention in your comment?
CarnivalChild's avatar
I would love to see digger wind up here and find ganesh in mid-nasty. the expression on her minimalistic little face would be worth a thousand lolwut pears.
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totalmasterHobbyist General Artist
Lol on the description. And nice job drawing the girl; she is cute.

I read a work you did, and it's nice.
lvenok's avatar
The word would look a lot better if you actually wrote it in hebrew, I thinks. :)
steelmagghia's avatar
I'd forgotten the golem girl was so gorge-mous. :-)
I'm so excited you've picked these up again!
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Oooh, she's pretty...and all right, a little on the sexy side. I don't think I'm allowed to be attracted to your art Like That, though.
darker-then-I-seem's avatar
darker-then-I-seemHobbyist Digital Artist
i though she was gona be gicantic nice twist
UnknownCorrespondent's avatar
"I am Gumby, dammit!"
zheyna's avatar
She's so wonderful! I really like her. You'd get extra points, though, if you wrote "Emet" in hebrew.
ricey's avatar
riceyProfessional Digital Artist
awesome, yet still scary and disturbing!!!
EmperorNortonII's avatar
EmperorNortonIIProfessional Traditional Artist
Shout outs for golems! :w00t:
magpie-poet's avatar
magpie-poet Artisan Crafter
either that rabbi was a bit of a perv or else he's rolling in his grave right now....
MsJ777's avatar
MsJ777Professional Artisan Crafter
MsJ777's avatar
MsJ777Professional Artisan Crafter
Make that "fleshed out"--need more :coffeepot:
MsJ777's avatar
MsJ777Professional Artisan Crafter
As a sculptor of clay, I truly appreciate this one :lmao:--and of course, the description just makes it. This idea definitely needs to be fleashed out--all puns intended!
lostthought's avatar
lostthought Traditional Artist
If there is one thing you never seem to lack it is creativity and originality; so as usual, amazing art and concept.
slams's avatar
I must say, she's awfully cute.. =P
twiligne's avatar
i'd really love to see more drawings from that idea. even a comic!
what about a wood golem prostitute?
UnknownCorrespondent's avatar
"She was a daughter of Sitting Bull, that wooden indian dame.
Told old Coo-Liger Squattin' Heifer was her name.
Coo-Liger, Whooo! When he tried to hold her many charms,
Coo-Liger, he got splinters in his arms."

From Homer & Jethro's parody of "Cawliga"
ImaginaryGoddess's avatar
Wow, cool! I remember that old golem myth. Way to go, expanding on it! She looks kinda cute. ^_^
Azymyth's avatar
AzymythHobbyist General Artist
Golem hooker? She must entertain a rather select group of clientele(sp?). I suppose even rock elementals need some lovin', eh?

Although, she does remind of this character from the game Planescape: Torment named Dolora, who was, surprisingly, a golem and, amazingly, worked at a brothel. Though this wasn't your typical brothel; it was designed around slating Intellectual Lusts (as its name so implies).
Fox-the-Kitsune's avatar
Maybe do other kinds of golems, like a metal golem.
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