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Published: December 24, 2008
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This grew out of a blog post about luck. [link]

I have great luck. It's just...weirdass great luck. I was talking to an acquaintance of mine at a party the other night, and he had donated a book to a raffle and won it back, in said raffle. "That's just the kind of luck I have," he said.

See, my luck isn't like that. if I entered the raffle, I'd win a trip to Outer Mongolia, promptly get bitten by a goat, and wind up in the hospital with goat-bite fever. While there, I would strike up a conversation with the guy in the next bed, who would turn out to be an editor, and I'd wind up selling him a book idea that I really don't have time to work on, about a small cute goat named Goatrude, who falls into an ancient Scythian tomb and has to spend the night amid the ghosts of impaled steppes warriors and dead horses, and goes on a quest to lay the ghosts to rest by finding the artifacts stolen and for sale in the local market and shit I kinda want to write this now so I'm going to stop talking but hopefully you see my point.

(NO, there will not be a Goatrude book. Probably. But I at least had to do a little doodle.)
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EmmetEarwaxHobbyist Writer
I first thought you said "bitten by a gNat", which made some sense.
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THE CUTENESS!!! Go Goatrude!!!
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that is one adorable goat.

It reminds me of the time, just after I met my husband, I tried to say you're just that great, and I said "you're just that goat" Its been 5 years, and I get flak for that mix up. lol
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JoshuaJParkerStudent Traditional Artist
I also smiled at my monitor, and even "lol'ed".
Great work!
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:XD: you made me smile at my monitor like a complete idiot. again. and i expect you to do it again. many times. please? :) :D
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Great stuff, I just bought Digger Vol. 1 for my wife for x-mas. Keep up the good work!
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I think that's a great kind of luck because normal luck would be boring :D I'd love to read a book about goatrude with illustrations made by yourself :D
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I want a Goatrude story NOW! :eager:
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OfficiallyAbiHobbyist General Artist
has to spend the night amid the ghosts of impaled steppes warriors and dead horses I read that as "the ghosts of impala steppes warriors" and had to give it three goes before I got it right. :XD:
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you always have the best stories. :lol:
gamma's avatar
OMG, you [shocking verb]ed [noun]! -point hoof-
DruidElf's avatar
I love your little stories about everything. I love your art, too, but they just wouldn't be the same without the stories. :D
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Ahhhh, goaty-wuggins!

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P1pp1NHobbyist General Artist
gorgeous drawing and your comment was wonderfully insane.
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CreatureSHHobbyist Artisan Crafter
How can you tell that you don't have goatbite fever RIGHT NOW ? I mean, can you ever be sure?
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HJSoulmaHobbyist Digital Artist
...d..does she have square pupils?

...because I love that goats have square pupils. I love goats. <__<
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VanessanonProfessional Writer
i actually thought goatrude was concerned for the gopher with his horns inthe wrong place ;p
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VanessanonProfessional Writer
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pearwoodHobbyist Photographer
Ha. I'll bet you once said there would be no wombat book.
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To be exact, she said, "This is just messing around with a new art technique. Don't get too attached to this character."
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pearwoodHobbyist Photographer
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*hunkers down & waits for the Goatrude Book* ^_^

Harena of ~woozalia
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