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Girl With Chicken Sketch

I have no idea what's going here, but I really like the way the chicken is gesturing. The wing is such a simple collection of lines that I wonder if I could translate it into a painting or if I'd lose the motion completely...
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David Seville, around the edges of "Alvin and the Chipmunks" did an album that included the song "I'm just sitting in a vacant lot, with a bird sitting on my head." Clearly, the chicken is pointing her to the correct place to sit.
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That's it, humanity. Do what the chickens tell you.

XD Anyway, adorable. I like the girl's costume too!
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ahahahahah! this reminds me of my oldest sister... and she LOVES chickens x3

wonderful picture. i hope you get a chance to finish it!
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I see the chicken imitating GIR.

*frantic waving* "HI!"
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It's Sings-To-Trees' sister.
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I have a drawing with a similar concept! :) Here's the link: [link] I do hope you finish this one, I'd love to see it. :)
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It's partially because I'm sitting here watching Wonderfalls, but I'm getting a whole joan of arc vibe here. The chicken gestures, the girl (irritated of course; the chicken keeps gesturing at the most inopportune of times), heaves a great sigh and trudges off to do its bidding.
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The chicken looks kind of like it's sieg heiling.

But it's.. it's.. so dang cute.
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Y'know...I was gonna attempt to refrain from posting about that...

...but glad to know I'm not the only one that sees it. ^^;
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oh, oh! like the pigeon in The Producers! I knew I couldn't be the only one thinking it!

I just love how all this personality comes out of such simple sketches
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She's not at all a relation of Sings-To-Trees is she? There's just something in the put upon expression . . .
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This REALLY made me smile :)

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I've just realised who she looks like.
a human Mokey. :D
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Aaaah! She totally does!
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:D I bet Mokey would dig chickens. Tiny chickens, anyway.
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Totally...The regular sized one's would probably freak her out a bit!


Although, with Mokey, maybe not.
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Hey, you found a girlfriend for the Duck Man!
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I really look foward to seeing this painted (I hope it is), it reminds me of my sister. :)
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I sympathize with the girl's expression. It's one I find myself wearing a lot this time of year...

And, y'know, chicken. Adorable!
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Make a painting! You can get the wing, I'd bet. Confidant chicken salute!
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Anyone else reminded of Saturday Night Fever?

Slap him in a white leisure suit and hang a disco ball and you've got the perfect sequel.

I'd buy a ticket :)
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The Duck Mans sister?

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Are these all with Wacom Tablets?
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