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Gecko Grunge

Completely random experiment with nothing in particular.

Meh, I dunno. Whatever it is I'm trying to do, I didn't do it here. Unfortunately, I don't know what I'm trying to do, so...err...yeah. Thing. Still, experimentation makes the world go round,

Original for sale, I suppose, prints available for $10 plus shipping, send a note or visit [link] for details.

And the Geico gecko totally looks like a wee little Sleestak.
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The writing on it is hilarious. Especially the Land of the Lost reference, haha. It made me giggle. Nice work, very original.
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Nice work. It looks aboriginal!
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I just had an idea you should use: St. Gecko of (n)York, defend us in battle against the Cockroach hoards!

for natural roach control, (quote):
Get a gecko (it's a kind of lizard) and let it loose in the house. The natural food chain process kicks in, the gecko eats the roaches and there you have it.

The gecko will most likely start to hang out in the open more as the population of roaches dwindles. When they are gone, keep your gecko in an appropriate tank and feed them crickets daily, which you can purchase at any pet store. Geckos need to eat everyday (unlike snakes that can go prolonged periods without food). As I said, this might bother some people. So, if you don't like lizards, I suggest another approach. Oh, and don't spray the roaches with insecticides. They shouldn't be poisoned when the gecko eats them.
This would make an awesome t-shirt.
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Loove him. Love geckos anyway!
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I read somewhere that the reason geckos can climb walls is that the pads on there feet cling on a molecular level to the surface they are climbing on, and that this bond is strong enough to support about 5 pounds of weight, if I remember correctly.

just food for thought.
reading all the fine print (or rather, trying) gives me an awful headache
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I actually think it's kind of fun :)
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*applauds* i love this
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Damn it! I knew that Geiko Gecko was up to something!

He's just paving the road of the insurance world for a Slow moving Sleestak uprising!

We need to dump the world's valium reserves into the world's water supply - maybe that will slow them down to a dead stop
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awesome sauce! it looks
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o_0 I hate the Geico Gecko too! Lol this is beautiful as usual!
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I like all the writing around the page. The colors pop too. i love it.
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very cool :D i like all the little messages dotted about it :)
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Yay for geckos!
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Different, yes. :XD: I love the background!
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Great work! Love the colors!
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Lovely! Great color works! :)
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This picture is full to the brink with the delicious trippy SCIENCE !
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I'm going to fave this just for the Sleestak line.
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dude, leopard geckos = awesome

as do the tecko gecko (did i even spell that right?)
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