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Gearworld: Suspension

By ursulav
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Archaeology in Gearworld is, for the most part, an exercise in frustration. It's hard to excavate when rooms and passages will appear overnight, already aged, weathered, and falling apart, and when the geology seems both abitrary and unrelated to any particular time, and people in the most interesting areas are often too busy trying to survive to speculate on the significance of one type of architecture vs. another. The best one can say is that it's definitely more than a hundred years old, and definitely less than a hundred thousand, and between that, god knows.

Over the years, however, a theory has emerged from this haphazard science, which suggests that Gearworld has seen the rise and fall of two great civilizations. The first actually built Gearworld, setting all those gigantic stone gears in motion, locking them together, pouring the concrete walls and excavating the rock. Why they built it, and what purpose it may have served, is an utter mystery, but obviously somebody put it there, and presumably at one time it did SOMETHING.

The second civilization, for some cryptic reason, rooted either in an alien psychology or a bizarre sense of surrealist art, came after the initial gear builders had departed, and took it apart. Gears which presumably once moved and had a function might be removed, shifted ten feet or a hundred miles, and hung neatly from the ceiling for no apparent reason. The end result was a concrete labryinth in which some things work and some things don't, and some bits appear logical, and some bits are anything but.

The notion that Gearworld might never have been built, but might have grown, like some kind of gigantic concrete refutation of the Blind Watchmaker argument, is generally ignored as being too damn weird and a little creepy.

This painting almost doesn't work. I wanted to do it, I was still in a Gearworld mood, and though it took a long time and I doubt it'll be all that interesting to anybody else due to the lack of any figure, I'm still glad to have done it. But I suspect it may not work on the computer screen, where it is teeny. It needs to be large, and have a sense of mass. The jumbo prints (and I'll have the LE jumbos for $45, and the standard for $10, as usual) are a lot better, but it's possible that some day I may need to haul out the biggest hunk of clayboard I can dig up and do a version that covers most of the wall. Maybe that will give me the sense of scale I want. I dunno. It'll have to percolate for awhile.

The Latin motto on the largest gear--"Ita erat quando hic adveni" relates to the aforementioned story, and is partly as a reminder not to take even something as grim and somber as Gearworld all that seriously. I'll leave it to the viewer to actually track down the meaning for now. *grin*

Anyway! Digital, Painter 7, limited edition prints available, drop a line. (That may be enough concrete for awhile....)
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This would make for a great graphic adventure game!
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That is utterly gorgeous. The colours and textures and weights and stuff look realistic, like they really could be hanging there. Also? GIANT GEARS. This can never be a bad thing! :3
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"it was that way when i got here"?
is that it?
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reaslly a fascinating place
entropiCCycles's avatar
Very cool concept. I think I'm starting to like your Gearworld series. :+fav:
Belenen's avatar
I love your work! And your turn of phrase almost always makes me giggle. You and Douglas Adams would have some HILARIOUS conversations, I'm sure.
Artificer's avatar
"there so great a thing when this came here"?
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must ... resist...urge to create clay gears ...and hang them artisticly above monitor....
azathoth-the-second's avatar
Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiider. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiider.

No, I will not explain this comment.:)
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excellent :) it also remained me the gears from the game Tomb Raider I :P
ricey's avatar
TheFuzzyArdvark's avatar
Your work is amazing!!!!
Reborn-atheist's avatar
i love the latin, love it even more after i looked it up

beautiful work as always, perhaps you could adapt things like this into cool desktop backgrounds??
Kyntio's avatar
It's a little dark on my monitor too but I love it! :+fav:
Gonna look at it again from my home pc.

I love paintings that tell a story!
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Gearworld is such a fantastic idea, and such a wonderful setting. I'm probably going to buy all of the prints whenever I'm financially able to do so. And should you ever decide to do a story set in Gearworld, I'd be a very pleased customer.
Wolfdog's avatar
I'm also in awe of the textures of this.. only you could think of gears suspended on ropes :XD:
rogue-rpz's avatar
i am amazd at how you can do textures like that
how do you get that stone look?
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i love all your gearworld stuff, but this one really gives me a feeling of a sense of place more than the others- it seems so...real...somehow. your paintings are so cool, sometimes i'll be scoping for somewhere to take pictures and remember one of your paintings (fogetting the painty-ness of it), and go "hey! that place was cool; now whre did i see it...?"
haha, i get the feeling this one will get me in the future.
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I typically dont comment after there is about oh say 50 or so comments, but I had to. I have to disagree that this is less interesting or what not, I love this piece, for one thing it feels, looks, what ever more real then most reality (may be due to lack of sleep, but still excellent :P). I dont know why, but its very appeasing to the eyes and infinitely interesting.
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personally, i find the lack of a character refreshing. More often than not I enjoy the background you create for your creatures more than I do the little critters mostly becuase I know the characters will be cute. But the backgrounds change. This is something I would put up in my living room. Your characters are something I'd want to enjoy in a book.
PhreudsCloset's avatar
deep. i think i like your descriptions as much as your actual work. they carry me off to some whimsy place.
baenling's avatar it.
It's simple, and while it has issues, like composition, I think, its...oddly satisfying. The colours, blending, the mix of gears...and gears, when given a rusty look, are cool in themselves.
Exactly how big are these gears? I look at the painting and I can easily imagine them being twice the size of a house, with a person standing below them no bigger than, say, a very small ant on my computer screen.
While its probably not your best painting, I still like it, I think its kind of calming and down-to-earth. Probably because of the colours...but eh.
Still very good, nice work. I always like how you blend your colours ^^
Gestalt1's avatar
It's sort of hauntingly beautiful for some reason. I love the whole concept.
Llamachik's avatar
I love the whole Gearworld setting. Random bits of machinery everywhere, angels sporatically appearing, gears on stings...
"Ita erat quando hic adveni" is such a great phrase! I want to engrave it on something...
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