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Gearworld: Spawning Wall by ursulav Gearworld: Spawning Wall by ursulav
This particular Gearworld painting has been done for several years, and I never scanned or photographed it, because I had delusions of doing a show of Gearworld stuff. (This was back before I learned how perverse Gearworld was--clearing my schedule to paint it absolutely insured that it would dissolve like gritty smoke. Gearworld does not like to be pinned down. My studio is still full of aborted paintings from this period.)

Don't ask me what it means. How'd the fish get there? What do they eat? I don't know. I'm not in charge here. These things just happen.

Original is 18 x 20, acrylic on gessboard. Prints are available for $10 and $20 plus shipping. Send a note or visit [link] for ordering info.
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kirinmaru Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like this, the illusion of glass and water are sometimes difficult to do and this is done really well.
Art-in-Murder Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I love how in one of them the water dried up leaving cute little fish bones. Very nice detail.
AlchemyFox Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How strange! Its awesome!
Brandar-Lee Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2010
I like this series. :]
poisonfrog Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Tadpoles. And toads that match the walls. You know it's calling to you...

Raidell Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm. I notice that the only test tube that isn't corked has a dead fish in it, while the corked ones have live fish. Dunno what sort of unconcious symbolism that could be, but it's just something I saw...:shrug:
SittingBear Featured By Owner May 20, 2009
great idea:)
dudemon27 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2009   Writer
I like your fish alott.
spikydoc Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2008
hey dis is hot..........well reminds me my biochem lab
GubberaPark Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2008   Traditional Artist
"What do they eat?"
Not alot, by the look of that boney one....... ;)
emma-09 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2008   Photographer
this is brilliant.
Green-stone Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2008
i love this.
MikeGrunk Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2008
Ah, I see, I'll have to look up Gearworld(don't ya know it sounds familiar)...reminds me of something you'd see in a Myst world...
AokiBengal Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2008
This is kind of why i got myself a beta, to have something floating in a tube of some sort that's swimming around. I like that it's living because it's interesting, other wise might have settled for something in fermaldehide which would be interesting too!
ChiffonSigh Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2008  Student Digital Artist
That's such an awesome idea :heart:
AsThingsFadeAway Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2007
I can't remember if I comented on this when I faved it forever ago, but I thought you should knwo that I love it. Its absolutly great! I hate you for your talents....Its just so unfair... :)
BRESSEND Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2007
Wonderfull & melancolic
JHammos Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2007
Pretty interesting stuff; some of your illustrations are really delightful, and beautifully rendered.
arcticphoenixstudios Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2007  Professional General Artist
Ack! Poor fishes!!!! The fishs' water is drying up!!!! Nooo!!!!! :( It is a nice painting tho, other than the fact that it cause a lot of mental angst.
Jammerlee Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
I like the concept in this. It's strange >> I like the expression of the second fish from the left
Outside-the-box Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2007
i really love your gearworld stuff. it's pretty much only why i come onto DA anymore. what happened to the writings?
Llyerly Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2007
Dead fishie.. *tear*

But it's so wonderfully, deliciously bizarre. Gearworld needs more love.
Ryuko-Wolfchild Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2007
I really like this one. The fish are so cute! Except for the dead one.... Wonder why it died... poor fishy.
suicidechamber Featured By Owner May 28, 2007
:+fav: brilliant
onyx-eyes Featured By Owner May 16, 2007
this is so sad...
but I love it!!! the whole Gearworld thing is totally amazing, really gets stuck in your head once you see it :)
ricey Featured By Owner May 4, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
oops, i meant to say dont abAndon it... =P
ricey Featured By Owner May 4, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Gearworld ROCKS! dont abondon it... =(
chamois-shimi Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
I find this strangely disturbing. I can't remember if I commented on this before, but if I didn't ... yeah. It's disturbing. Something about the little fish skeleton in the dry tube, and the worried-looking fish that only has a little dab of water instead of a whole tube's worth ... eep.
AntiTak Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2007   Photographer
Well, Gearworld seems like a pretty intriguing place, albeit a little frustrating to the artist.

I'm curious as to what else Gearworld holds. :excited:
OfAnAbsentMind Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2007
Threek Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2007
Reminded me of this one scene in Neil Gaiman's movie "Mirrormask".......
Norien666 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2007
Really nice, love the fishbone(evil's laugh) :fuzzydemon:
Norien666 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2007
Really nice, love that fishbone( evil laugh) :fuzzydemon:
pinktiger Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2007   Writer
Huh, pretty interesting. :D
CaptainOscillator Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2007
perverse? is there somewhere I can find out more about gearworld?
hulamonkey Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2007   Interface Designer
Cold and harsh technological age environment, uncertain and fearful fish, that's an awesome and somber piece.
ritahaha Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2007
woo..reallyreallyreally nice coloring ~ :]
patrx Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2007
LOL Good one Ursula...must be those asian walking catfish...:D who says they can't climb?
lazarusmumble Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2007
Heh, I like fish...
...lovely surreal style. Fav!
Reminds me of Science.......:pissed:
Reymonkey Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2007   General Artist
I seem to remember an earlier painting of a fish in a pipe, so maybe this is how they start out?
aurickandrien Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2007
Kinda reminds me of those frogs that carry their tadpoles up into the treetops and deposit them in those water storing plants, and then they come back every so often and feed them one of their own infertile eggs.
Ttethys Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2007
Wow. Great concept. I like how you've included one with a skeleton in it.
Crooty Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
The fourth one apparently didn't eat anything...
Testudon Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2007
I just love it!
The colours are great! Those fishes are cute in a way.. The textyre of the wall is very nice and I like the concept, eaven though it doesn't have a particular meaning. Then everybody could have their own meaning of it :D
Redds Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2007
Faves just because it involves glass vials, water, and tiny fish cramped in them. With a fish skeleton.
dariyan Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2007
For some reason this strikes me as very sad. I mean look at the poor fish with hardly any water, with the skeleton fish as a buddy to look at every time he turns round.
XanderWolf Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Fantastically thought producing!
erratikassassyn Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
I wonder what made his cork fall out.
supergirlanna Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2007
ooooooh... interesting!
orpheros Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2007
I love this. Fish + Science = Love. Yes. I want it.
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