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Gearworld Invasion

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There are stretches of the gearworld, of course, where the trees have thrust roots in and tumbled down the walls, throttled the gears with vines and let sunlight and goldfinches into the concrete gloom. And this is normal and natural and ongoing, and the only extraordinary bit, which only a clever observer might notice, is that the gearworld never seems to get any smaller despite it.

This one was rough. The gearworld's this place I revisit in digital paintings--a random collection of rooms of gears and concrete and shadows and weirdness--and it has total veto power over me. I'm more like cartographer than the inventor. So I spent four hours on a figure, and in the end, it was rejected like a faulty baboon kidney, and I had to take it out again. I still don't know if this is right or if it's missing something--art without figures is unusual for me--but I figured I'd just leave it as it wanted to be and call it good.
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sack-backHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Da-VinchProfessional Artisan Crafter
this is unadulterated pure magic. 
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Emerald-MagpieProfessional General Artist
still one of my very favourites on deviant!
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You might not know it but this is where Kiona enter's Gearworld and the finch is actually the golden prince Miekos. He is kind of the bad dude and actually not a prince either (self title.) So there it is and thanx for the insperation.
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This reminds me of a Dream I had some time ago...
maybe this worlds we have in our minds are not in the individual, but in the collective...
As with Lovecraft stories, maybe we have this sort of "wireless" conection between every living mind...
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Goldfinch! :D
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NeonGreenCupcakeHobbyist General Artist
Gosh I love this so much! :heart:
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Necrania-artProfessional Digital Artist
This is awesome.

The atmosphere... WOW
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I love Gears!!!
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I love your gearworld...
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In this painting, the bird is the figure! ^_^

Harena of ~woozalia
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bluecnidariaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Figure not needed... it's lovely
Love your work.
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I just really like the archaic view that your Gearworld series provides. They're just too cool! ^_^ :+fav:
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Great textures and composition!

My engineering side is, however, looking at the gears and saying, "that'll never work!" The gear teeth are not well-designed for actual use. Look at the Wikipedia article and related links to see some practical gears and other cool mechanisms. (Check out the antikythera!)
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ssso cool.

Are there more pictures of gearworld? :)
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lightbirdHobbyist Traditional Artist
Never say that people have won over nature :)
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this picture is making me feel nosey...
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*sighsmile* so saturated an' deep an' green an'rusty. I love this.
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Greatness and a good helping of Genius.
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I think the goldfinch is figure enough.
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That is awesome! :clap: i love the messagehere and how beautiuflly executed this is!:faint:
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It's the painting's simplicity that makes it so beautiful. Love the warm highlights, everything, just gorgeous :+fav:
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Love the atmosphere in this one!
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*Loves it*
The feeling, ooh, I want to be here. An interlinking cog or other type of mechanics would have been nice - more of a glimpse. But then - I LOVE clockworks and the like...and trees. So really this piece is like a picturegasm for me. Thank-you.
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