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Gearworld: Fish for Eve

This is the fish painting that the other fish was a study for--got the composition in the other one, but this was a gift for Eve Forward, a dear friend, and bettas are her personal totem. She had a connection to the first "Spawning Wall" painting and I had been wanting to do a gift for her in that vein for ages--she was pure, unadulterated awesome, and one of my major touchstones during my divorce and subsequent lunacy--but it was only recently that motivation, time, and madness all dovetailed and I was able to paint this.

Bettas, in her lexicon, are about being tough and beautiful in very adverse conditions, and granted that they've found bettas living in the muddle puddle left by a horse's hoofprint, I can't think of much better symbolism.

Prints of this painting are available for $10 plus shipping, but since I've a philosophical objection to profiting off gift art, proceeds will go to a local animal charity.
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Very cute and cre
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This is beautiful!!!
Scuteeee =3
Love that pic! Amazing! 
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this is really great!
I had to prove that I could amount to something I was so lucky to have found this now nobody disrespects me you can have a chance too
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Such a cute little fish, I love the colors !
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This is amazing, simply amazing.
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This is amazing!
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I just lluv this
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this is incredible!!! i love this!! i just got my own betta fish the other day and i am so happy that i got one!! they are so gorgeous and so amazing!! this is great!! and the colors are so beautiful!! amazing!! :D
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this is so neat ! :Wow: can i have a go at drawing it ? i will creadit you and pay you with a llama :3
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Incredible! :O
What kind of colours is this? I can't seem to see it...
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so cool!!!!! and sorry for begging but any donations for my pool please. link below thanx1!!
Matbuk's avatar An artistic contest in Milan. Check it..
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this is awesome, great job!!
:rzero: Cool another cool one if you don't mind me saying because it seemed so surrealistically prefect would be one facing it'z own reflection with it'z colorz unfurled. Can you tell I liked your piece? Ha ha ha very neat idea...Rocket X
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Omg this reminds me of my friend who is obbsessed with fish hahaha
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really nice fish adn colors, love the bottle
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