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Let me just start off by saying that *I REGRET NOTHING!*

I did the sketch for this painting, and then messaged my boyfriend to inform him that if posterity ever asked him to pinpoint the exact moment where I completely went off the rails, this was it.

Five minutes later I wrote back to say that I'd added a shoggoth in a bunny suit, and THAT was definitely the moment.

My train of thought, I maintain, was entirely logical. It went something like "I'm going to Anthrocon. I need art. I like painting Happy Cthulhu. How do I make Happy Cthulhu relevant for a furry convention?" (See, it was totally logical!)

...and YOU thought that merely painting him HAPPY was gonna get me squished....

Anyway, 12 x 16, mixed media, original will be in the art show at Anthrocon, although if for some reason you absolutely, positively, must own the original (and that's between you and Cthulhu) send a note and possibly something can be worked out. Prints are definitely available for $10 and $20 plus shipping. Send a note, or visit [link] for details!
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Happy Cthulhu in a fox kigurumi! Kawaii! uwuface