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Fursuit Cthulhu

By ursulav
Let me just start off by saying that *I REGRET NOTHING!*

I did the sketch for this painting, and then messaged my boyfriend to inform him that if posterity ever asked him to pinpoint the exact moment where I completely went off the rails, this was it.

Five minutes later I wrote back to say that I'd added a shoggoth in a bunny suit, and THAT was definitely the moment.

My train of thought, I maintain, was entirely logical. It went something like "I'm going to Anthrocon. I need art. I like painting Happy Cthulhu. How do I make Happy Cthulhu relevant for a furry convention?" (See, it was totally logical!)

...and YOU thought that merely painting him HAPPY was gonna get me squished....

Anyway, 12 x 16, mixed media, original will be in the art show at Anthrocon, although if for some reason you absolutely, positively, must own the original (and that's between you and Cthulhu) send a note and possibly something can be worked out. Prints are definitely available for $10 and $20 plus shipping. Send a note, or visit [link] for details!
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Happy Cthulhu in a fox kigurumi! Kawaii! uwuface

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Cthulhu: At 90000 though, the universe probably shouldn't be destroyed.
I heard of this thing called "furries" I think I kinda like it and the people in many universes like this sort of thing and what not to hate?

and that day forward, Cthulhu didn't destroy the universe.

and yet furries get hate.
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I wonder what would lovecraft think of this
He would probably off himself
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HAPPY CTHULU!!! With a fursuit no less. He looks so happy, though I wonder what mischief he's trying to come up with in that twisted little mind of his.
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I'm dying! It's so cute!!
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Nick - Icon Now who would think we would have a Cthulhu in our fandom? Let alone a happy Cthulhu!
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I'm not 100% sure what's going on here, but Count Me In!
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It's A Lovecraft Monster. The Cthulu Is From A Novel Written By H.P. Lovecraft, A Horror Novelist Whose Writing Dates Back To, Like, Forever And A Half Ago. These Days, Though, It's Considered A Sort Of Mythical Creature. The Original Design Is Much More Gruesome, But It's Basically A Dragon With A Squid For A Head That Always Walks On It's Hind Legs With Its Back Hunched.
S-p-e-a-r-m-i-n-t's avatar
^w^ Thank you, but I'm well aware of Lovecraft, Cthulhu and his origins. Lovecraft is, in my opinion, the greatest horror author of all time. In any case, my confusion was mostly as to why he's wearing a fursuit and what that thing he has on a leash is. <3
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RLY MAAAN. THAT'S A CHIBI SHOGGOTH. I'm Sure With Your Claims, That'd Have To Mean You'd Be The Person To Know That.
Also, I'm Sure It Was Drawn Just For Fun. I Do That All The Time!
S-p-e-a-r-m-i-n-t's avatar
Probably! ^w^

(I can totally see that it's a shoggoth now that y]ou point it out, I just usually picture it with more eyes.)
{Also I see it  the des now. : p  I feel silly}

In any case, which of his stories is your favorite? Mine is Rats in the Walls.
Nega-The-Impmon9508's avatar
Erm... My Brother Owns A Couple Of The Books, But I've Never Really Read Them. Though My Brother Actually Has Said That's His Favoriute Too, He Used To Tell Me To 'Wait Till I'm Older' Before I Read Them.
That Was A Long Time Ago, Though. I Should Try Them Sometime... :hm: 
S-p-e-a-r-m-i-n-t's avatar
Cool, you totally should! <3 They're pretty cool.
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Eeehhh.... I Will When I Have Time.
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Cthulhu, foxes... What else ? :D
Love it !
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its so cyootHeart Heart Heart 
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