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I am willing to admit that I am a bad person.

Original will go to FC unless somebody makes me an offer I can't refuse first. 6 x 8 mixed media on board, prints available at Red Wombat Studio: [link]
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Well, um, FrootCon is a long way from Salamanca...
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"I'm a polar bear trapped inside a pear! Respect my identity! Not all fruitsuiters piff* like them!"

*pollen yiff
Darkhymns's avatar
It pulls the look off rather well.
ceraperduta's avatar
It's the modern version of "The Son of Man." It's the "Fruit of Comic Con."
GenericPseudonym's avatar
My love for your fruit art should be easily a-pear-ant.
HandDrawnViolist's avatar
I love it! You definitely put the "life" in "still life" (okay, that was really bad, but seriously!) I think your pear may wander off the board...
Eternay's avatar
That's so lovely!!! x3
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Oh you wonderful person.

Beautifully done! Love the details on the fur, those gentle strokes always fascinate me!

Lovely transition between the floor and the black background, as well!
ZaeavYeelell's avatar
Yes! The pear is back! LOVE your art, always have.
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This is one of your best, hands-down :D
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I could only pear-ly bite back the laughter when seeing this~
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The first step is admitting that you are amazing XD
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I won't ever stop loving this.
I always see fruit drawings and go "Okay, cool, it's really pretty- but I can see that in my fridge as well. If you can draw that well, why not do something from you?" and now this. So this is perfect, yup. :pat:
I love it.
lantairvlea's avatar
And sometimes a fruit with ears is just a fruit with ears.

I love the textures! Especially on the pear.
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It overflows with unmitigated awesomeness, The bear pear !
Areaith's avatar
For some reason I find this VERY interesting. I don't know why. o_O
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I don't get the pun, but this is awesomely done :) I love how you've painted it, and how it looks like a serious still life, except for the fursuit ;D
awrah's avatar
Ouch, the pun. So well done though. All of the textures are so tangible, and the goofiness, it makes me so happy.
MakaniValur's avatar
How does something this amazing make you a bad person? I adore this image! <3
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